Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bum knee

Chivas USA's season might not get off to the greatest of starts. The team is just starting to come together but one of its most important pieces is injured.

Buried in the press release about Wednesday's action in Texas was this note:

Chivas USA goalkeeper Brad Guzan did not see action for the Red-and-White in either match; the 24-year-old suffered a mild left knee MCL sprain at the team’s training session Monday at The Home Depot Center and is scheduled to return to Southern California tomorrow morning for treatment. The reigning MLS Goalkeeper of the Year is expected to be out for several weeks with the injury.

"Several weeks" probably translates to six weeks minimum. This is the same knee injury that kept Ante Razov and Jonathan Bornstein out for a long stretch of time a year ago. Bornstein hurt his knee in late February and barely made it to the start of the season, which a year ago kicked off April 5 or something. Razov hurt his knee in the first week of October and wasn't near playing condition when Chivas was bounced in the playoffs by Kansas City (the second leg was on Nov. 3).

I wouldn't expect Brad to be back in action until the third week of the season, but that's just a guess.

Who does Chivas have on its roster to replace Guzan? Well, you can't replace him but Chivas really can't replace him. They have nobody to replace him with. Sam Reynolds probably would get the nod, but he's technically a league 'keeper and who knows what his status will be like come the start of the season.


Anonymous said...

Lance Parker, i predict will start in the first game against Dallas. Sams Renolds ehh

The Hammer said...

#1 at the goal keeper position, huh?

Wasn't this the first thing we pointed at to tell you Chivas USA was way more vulnerable at gk than you put them.

Your abuelita said...

Pendejos, para que se quiten lo tonto!!

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

l.b., what about Bill Gaudette? He has MLS experience and he was in Chivas' camp recently...

Anonymous said...

Gaudette was sent home, as were a bunch of others. Reynolds is solid. Started two games for Toronto last season before being injured. MOTM in both games. Guzan's injury doesn't sound serious. Chivas will be fine.

Anonymous said...




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