Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Across the Hall

Here's a guy who is better off without the Galaxy.


Anonymous said...

On what basis (besides your general hatred of all things Galaxy) do you assume that Tally Hall is better off as a backup in Denmark than a backup (or possibly competing for a starting role) in L.A.?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the anti-Galaxy bias is growing stronger in you, young Luis Skybueno.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, come on Luis. Don't make me have to start just skipping this blog altogether.

L.B. said...

Ha. You guys are a little thin-skinned. Come on. And besides, if I were such anti-Galaxy, why would I post the audio of the Galaxy that i do? And I don't post the audio of Chivas USA players and coaches as regularly as I do the Galaxy ones.

Remember, Sideline Views is the ONLY place where you can listen to post-game press conferences in their entirety. Remember the Frank Yallop knackered meltdown? Yup. We had it here.

And I'll let you guys in on something - I'm going to be at the Galaxy's season opener in Colorado so I'll provide plenty of on-the-spot news from DSG on March 29.

Anonymous said...

Hey Luis Skybueno! I was just having fun with you. A brief moment of Star Wars levity. No harm, no foul here. Peace! You do a great job, thanks!


Galaxy fans are generally thin-skinned. Wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

All rabid soccer fans are thin-skinned about their favorite team. Que no?

A.C. said...

What disturbs me slightly is that this article reveals the power of personal connections, the old, it's-who-you-know that dropped Hall's name in Bradley's ear. Otherwise, would someone else have gotten the call? Probably, but we'll never know for sure who was shut out.

thin-skinned said...

Was your caption meant to get a rise out of the remaining Galaxy fans who visit the site, or did it just slip out?

Anonymous said...

You still didn't answer my question Luis. Why is he better off?

A.C. said...

He's probably better off financially, for one. The Galaxy aren't looking to splash out big bucks on a backup goalkeeper. Two, competing against an older keeper ups the likelihood that when/if Tally takes over, it's on a permanent basis, and three, he's experiencing a foreign culture at a young age, learning to adapt and persevere.

Arguments can also be made that Tally ISN'T better off, but Luis is entitled to his opinion.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between Galaxy fans and Chivas USA fans?

Galaxy fans actually exist!

Anonymous said...

seriously, all your galaxy posts are negative. did the org do something to you?

btw, why haven't you reported on season ticket sales? (sorry, i had to rub it in)

1. Toronto FC - 16,641 (+34%)
2. Los Angeles Galaxy - 7,915 (-15%)
3. D.C. United - 5,976 (+27%)
4. Real Salt Lake - 4,632 (+5%)
5. Houston Dynamo - 4,116 (+87%)
6. New England Revolution - 4,001 (+14%)
7. San Jose Earthquakes - 3,822
8. Columbus Crew - 3,227 (+1%)
9. New York Red Bulls - 3,170 (+33)
10. FC Dallas - 3,002 (-4%)
11. Colorado Rapids - 2,968 (+59%)
12. Chicago Fire - 2,759 (+8%)
13. Kansas City Wizards - 1,539 (+232%)
14. Chivas USA - 837 (-2%)

A.C. said...

So, technically, the Galaxy ticket sales have fallen off more than any other MLS team? Hmmmm.

Evan said...

Technically, Kansas City's season ticket sales have also skyrocketed. That doesn't mean much, though!

A.C. said...

It means they're ahead of Chivas USA.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

So, Galaxy season ticket sales are down 15 percent? Maybe the fans aren't as stupid as Leiweke and Lalas would like to believe.

The Boobsey Twins in Galaxy managment seem to think that the fans won't mind 1)a $5 hike in parking immediately after Beckham signed 2)overpriced and poor concessions 3)overpriced souveniers 4)not being able to get a jersey with anybody's name except Beckham's 5)incompetent management that has three players who consume half the salary cap, forcing management to sign everybody else on the cheap or dump established pros for cap space.

Soccer fans aren't stupid. Passionate, but not stupid.

Expect to see the Galaxy's per-game attendance average decrease as well.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

BTW, for those of you who knock l.b. for his "anti-Galaxy" bias, remember one thing: Until the Gals clean up their act, they deserve all the negative comments they get.

Forrest Gump could do a better job running the Galaxy than Leiweke, Lalas et al.