Sunday, September 9, 2007

Joe dishes the dirt

In what could be a turning point in the history of our blog, we now have documented proof that some players read it - or at least have informants who read the material, then deliver hopefully accurate approximations of what we actually write.

Truth be told, I felt rather awkward standing there post-game, realizing the swing the conversation was taking. Billy Witz of the LANewsGroup took the lead. As usual, he'd been tracking the nitty-gritty of the behind-the-scenes Galaxy action. He probed Joe Cannon for more information, and suddenly, a tidbit of info I'd doled out here on the blog took centerstage.

Here it is - the complete, uncut, exchange on the topic. There was a group of us interviewing Joe, including a reporter from Germany's Bild. I wonder if he was confused as heck, or if even Bild knows about the LA Riot Squad.

(Unless otherwise noted, Joe is doing all the talking)

Our fans have been great. They haven’t booed us off the field yet.

Billy Witz: Oh, no?

Well, some have. But not the whole stadium. Some of the Riot Squad at times and other season ticket holders - who surprise, have been more frustrated than most with the year, we’ve heard some things said, during the course of the game. I was on the bench last week for the game versus Real and definitely heard some things said. But at the same time, it’s been a frustrating year for them. If you’re a fan, you’ve got every right to feel that sometimes. But give these guys credit for coming out and giving the effort and sticking with it, because after the SuperLiga game, that was a huge blow and on top of that, the Salt Lake game. Two games where we’re two penalty kicks away – from a SuperLiga title and then we’d be on 20 points, which is 8 points from a league play off spot with four games in hand. Those games are a blow. So give those guys credit and let’s just build on this.

Billy: Didn’t you get into it with some fans after the Real Salt Lake game?

No, I think what happened was a misunderstanding over something I said. I think a couple of them made a comment about me going back to San Jose. I didn’t really put it into its perspective until somebody actually told me the whole story behind what was said. I think it was something that you printed (looks at me) or something.

Me: (to Billy) Is he blaming me?

No, I’m not blaming. (To Billy) She said I rambled, though. I kinda didn’t like that. I don’t mind paraphrasing, but you know. I could get to the point probably a little quicker, but I like the attention.

It’s just something, though, that I’ve always tried to have, a good relationship with the fans. Today, they threw down a scarf from them. It’s a win for them. Like it or not, they’ve been here through this roller-coaster. It’s just as tough for me as it’s been for everyone else in this room. Even the media has been associated with this. So much hype and so much potential in this season – it’s tough. (to no one in particular) Let’s go out tonight and celebrate this one and then starting Monday get ready and do it again.

Me: It’s a Riot Squad scarf?

Yeah. (Joe took the scarf out of his locker, where he'd hung it over the rod, and held it out on display. Great photo op, but none of us had cameras) They threw it to me before the game. I think it was a “no hard feelings”.

Me: Oh, it happened before the game.

Yeah. I think there was a little misunderstanding there. (to me) I’m not going to point any fingers.

Me: It’s my fault?

No, not at all. They thought I wanted to go back to San Jose, but I let it be known that I want to be here.

Me: You did say “someday”.

Maybe. I have family there and who wouldn’t want to come back and live close to your family? But at the same time, I bought a house here. It’s not because I want to leave anytime soon.

Me: Manhattan Beach?

Redondo. I live with Ante Jazic, our left back when he’s healthy. I don’t know where he is now. He’s probably in the Stadium Club, throwing a few back already. It’s good. I’ll be here for a long run, hopefully. Let’s be honest, if we keep winning, good things will happen, so let’s keep winning.


Michael said...

Nice story.

Next time bring a camera :)

That picture would probably have made Joe a Riot Squad legend...

JT (Chicago) said...

AC, you shouldn't take the heat for printing what Cannon said. In fact, it was refreshing to hear a player be as honest about his desire to play close to home again.

The blame should go to the Riot Squad for being jerks about fairly innocent comments. Cannon's played terrific this season and that's the thanks they give to him? Some people!

Now excuse me 'cause I have to go down to Soldier Field so I can cheer our USA squad ... and jeer LD.

Heh heh!

A.C. said...

I don't take a camera to the locker room. Other people do, especially TV news reporters, but it just feels a bit intrusive. Plus, I think I have to have a different credential to do that. I'm not sure.

Eddie said...

We traded two decent players that took up less salary cap room for Cannon, shipped off Hartman and got nothing in when players come out and say things like that about one our most hated teams (SJ) it does sting.

It's unfortunate that players have to mindful of what to say and speak like politicians, but it is what it is.

LARS came to be because of Gato, if you read this Joe take note, it's gonna take something to win us over. kevin bought us a keg for every game...what are you doing?

- Gunner
(LARS founding member)

Josh said...

AC, just back things up that you say with quotes. It will make everybody's life so much easier!

I live in LA by way of SJ as well and while I may be back in SJ one day, it sure as hell is not going to be any time soon, I understand his sentiment. If somebody told my boss I wanted to move just because of that I'd be pissed too.

Use quotes please! I realize you can't issue a Joe Cannon press release and you have to paraphrase stuff, but maybe you can see this was not the best part of the interview to do that....

And other than this keep up the good work :)

<3 The Cannon <3 LARS <3 Galaxy

A.C. said...

I already explained my reasoning, and it's not like I mentioned his desire in a gamer. I've reread my paraphrase various times, and I don't think at any point did I misconstrue what he said. I'd guess that people are sensitive partly because everyone is crabby because the Galaxy are losing so much.

It's funny that some people think that I don't ask enough tough questions, while others want me to lay off asking certain questions at certain times. It doesn't work that way. I ask questions as they occur to me.

Chalky said...

Joe Cannon seems to be afflicted with the ailment commonly known as "diarrhea of the mouth." It's bound to cause messes every once in a while.

twigg said...

I hope JT is kidding. LD's played terrific for the Nats and that's the thanks you give him? Some people...

Josh said...

"I'd guess that people are sensitive partly because everyone is crabby because the Galaxy are losing so much."

You can't deny that and you are right, that has much to do with anything. Tough questions are always good (especially when it is going bad) and yeah, I guess when emotions are high the slightest thing can spiral down a weird path.

But it should not go without saying that you deserve props for always engaging your readers and having this discussion. I wish all reporters did!

artnsue said...

My wife and I sit behind the bench and I know that the players have heard some of my comments (especially the Sampson years), but they thing I was yelling at the RSL game that I hope the heard was "Randolph needs a PAY RAISE!" (and Alexi do not trade him next year!!)