Monday, September 3, 2007

What Joe said

I got an email asking for more specifics about what Joe Cannon said about playing for San Jose one day.

While I explained in the comments of an earlier post that I asked Joe specifically about SJ, and it wasn't anything he volunteered, it was a legitimate question that I'd asked to a few ex-Earthquakes already (Jimmy Conrad - "Who knows? Maybe." Brian Ching - "I don't know. Not right now.")

I paraphrased Joe's response for a reason - he rambles sometimes. It was easier to get the gist of his response out in a paraphrase. Here's what he said - (I've still edited the parts where he talks about talking for too long - I had to turn my tape over at one point).

"I always like to think of my time - when I come to an organization, that I want to do something for them, like winning a trophy. That's important for me, and for the fans. No matter where I've been - Colorado, I mean, I was disappointed to leave there without ever having won anything the whole time I was there. We didn't even win a conference title. I wanted to win something special here as soon as possible, because when you're replacing a long-time player, you want to prove yourself, so that's what I'm focused on now. That's why this hurts. It's just hard, and disappointing. But I've got family in Northern California, near the San Jose area. Someday it would be nice to go back there and play, mainly for that reason. I enjoyed my time there - that organization gave me my start in MLS. I'm glad they're back in the league. That's a possibility for the future, I guess. I really want to win something here first."

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