Sunday, September 2, 2007

Greetings Afghanistan!

In the early days of Sideline Views, Andrea and I would take pleasure in welcoming readers from different countries to the blog. If you look at the Greetings! section here, you'll see where we've had readers from. But that subsided a bit after we stopped getting unique countries to our blog. I mean, there are only so many countries, right?

Well, I just noticed a visitor from Afghanistan. Seems Sideline Views has now been read by someone from that part of the world.

I couldn't tell if it was some U.S. military member reading the blog or an Afghan or someone else. But greetings to whoever it was! I hope we provide a positive outlet for you amidst the difficult times that nation is going through.


homeinkabul said...

It's me, it's me! Afghan-Americans back in Afghanistan support American soccer too!! :) I was hoping for a shout-out, this just made my day.


homeinkabul said...

Oh and here's some Afghan soccer news:

A.C. said...

Hey, trust me, it makes our day to think of Afghan-Americans in Kabul checking out our blog for soccer news! Best to you.

jason said...

Afghans in the US have a tournament called the Afghan Cup. There was a nice article on it in the Culture of Soccer blog. Here's the link:

Soledad said...

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