Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lights Blaring rankings

1. DC United (13-6-3). Flexed muscles on road; rest of league should be trembling.
2. New England (12-5-6). Got caught by D.C. but still in prime position for one of East's top two spots.
3. Chivas USA (11-6-3). Host DC on Thursday; is it an MLS Cup preview?
4. Houston (11-7-6). Defense proves vulnerable, offense proves reliable even without Ching, Jaqua.
5. New York (11-9-3). And an Angel shall guide them.
6. FC Dallas (11-8-3). USOC was on their minds... how else can they explain 4-0 ass-kicking?
7. Chicago (7-10-5). Best double-digit loss team in the league by far.
8. Kansas City (9-9-6). Gained back a little respect they lost in Utah with gritty draw in Houston.
9. Colorado (7-9-7). Conor Casey's got some talent after all...
10. Columbus (6-7-10). ... as Sigi's side will attest to.
11. Real Salt Lake (4-11-6). Doubled season win total in span of four days.
12. Toronto (5-12-5). Is it time to blow up the roster for the third occasion?
13. Los Angeles (3-11-5). The stars have aligned into a black hole.

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