Thursday, September 13, 2007

Celeb sighting

Celebrities might be catching on to this MLS deal.

Spotted on the sidelines was Morrissey, all decked out in a Chivas USA jersey.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! the last of the famous international playboys, himself!!! I knew i loved morrissey but this truly solidifies the deal!!! did you get a pix??? Take a picture please luis before you leave!!!! i have to see him in the jersey!!! who's number is he wearing??? probably ante hahahahahahahhaha!!! i keed...i keed. :) this is sooo cool.

Matt L said...

I love this too! Chivas will get the celebs who know the game and the Galaxy will get the celebs who are just looking for a photo op.

How soon is now?

blahblah said...

Absolutely - a pic of Morissey in a Chivas kit would make my friggin week.

L.B. said...

Unfortunately no picture of Morrissey. I did see him through a pair of binoculars so I have visual evidence of him being here.

Some of the Chivas players were apparently very excited about his presence.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to join the scum that are the Chivas supporters?

Their entire fanbase is third world trash.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how low can Morrissey go?

So I guess he's now a Chiva scumbag too, huh? I'm glad he likes associating with that miserable excuse for a fanbase.

He's dead to me.

Anonymous said...

Morrissey is garbage anyways so go figure he supports a trashy organization with trashy fans who cant draw any fans unless its a "derby". Wonder if we will see Morrissey wherever chivas usa relocated to in a year?

diane said...

Wow, "third world trash." I'm not easily offended but I am now...and I've never lived outside of a "first world" country. Or was it a joke, not that that would make it better. YUCK!

Jess Aguinaga said...

Isn't he that really depressing, miserable, I want to kill myself because I suck drama queen with the big hair?

A.C. said...

I'm still mad at Luis for not even telling me. I'd have tried really, really hard to get a picture.

jamesey said...

i guess this makes sense. He's always been into pain, torture, and associating himself with losers. He was probably told Beckham would be there, and that's why he showed up.

By the way, didn't one of the guys in the Smiths play for Norwich City?

Anonymous said...

Just photoshop it

L.B. said...

Actually I heard some staff relaying others to take a picture so I think something may surface.

He was on the field level on the seats between the stands and the signboards.

I guess I should take my camera to all games.

Anonymous said...

He walked in front of the Riot Squad in Sections 137-138.

Definately had a Chivas USA jersey.

I "heard" someone say he has knows John Cunliffe.

As far as 3rd World trash, seriously grow up you racists.

mike n said...

yes he was at the match last night. my son and i talked to him,shook his hand and i had my picture taken with him

Alan said...

I know that for some reason Morrissey is huge in the latino community in SoCal. There's even a documentary about the phenomenon called Is It Really So Strange:

Pretty bizarre that the guy I was listening to 20 (!) years ago has this whole new subculture around him. Even though he's a Goats-lite fan, I'll still listen to Suedehead.

Adam said...

you so easily bandy about the term racists. if you were to study the behavior of the chivas fans and their organization you would find that that is just the way that they act. as the third-world citizens that they are.

Anonymous said...

Adam, since your suffering from cranal rectosis, I'll try to put this in a neanderthal-level way. When you generalize an entire group of people based on the actions of few, regardless of their class, its called racism.

Come to a Chivas USA game sometime, you'll all clases, races, genders. We got space on our bandwagon for you. You might have to sit in the back, however.

Awante Chivas! We Love LA! LA is Chivas town! No pub team here!

Anonymous said...

So, what difference does it make ?
Oh, what difference does it make ?
Oh, it makes none
But now you have gone
And your prejudice won't keep you warm tonight.

steven patrick a chivista?..YES!!!!

jamesey said...

anonymous (coward) who replied to Adam...Are you implying that Chivas fans are a race? I had a feeling that they were sub-human, and you've just said (probably verbatim from websters), "When you generalize an entire group of people based on the actions of few, regardless of their class, its called racism."

Adam was talking about soccer fans who also happen to be scumbags from the third world. I thought that was stereotyping or generalizing, not racism.

But since you're so smart with your big SAT words, I guess you're right Chivas USA fans are a race now.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! morrissey wearing a chivas jersey made my girlfriend scream! she was so excited by it, she ran around the room, tripped and hit her head! it put my girlfriend in a coma. i know, i know, it's serious!

Anonymous said...

Haha, The Moz really is at his best upsetting narrow minded people.

Times change and he will change his ways too, just enough to reveal the real nature of a lot of his self-proclaimed fans.

"And if you think Peace
Is a common goal
That goes to show
How little you know"

Soledad said...

That does it--I'm a Chivas USA fan. Still hate all things Chivas Mexico, but when Chivas USA has Morrissey and "third world trash"? I'm so there.

Third world trash > first world trash.

Anonymous said...

Finally someone posted a photo...

Anonymous said...




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