Friday, September 14, 2007

Sorry, kiddies

No USWNT running blog. I slept right through my alarm. Curse these midweek MLS games and a new job I've got. I was wiped out.

Here's the FIFA report. Abby Wambach had a good game.

Not that that is a shocker. However, I was mildly surprised that she took the penalty kick duties. That's usually Kristine Lilly's domain. Remember that she slotted home the PK that sent the U.S. to the World Cup in the Gold Cup qualifying tournament?

Plus, I'm beginning to wonder if the whole, "Abby's foot injury isn't as bad as feared" was a bit of a ruse. Perhaps in the effort to give Wambach just a teeney advantage of unexpected space, the team administration decided to forgo the usual, "X-rays are negative, Abby should be 100 percent" for something ambiguous, so opponents would be thinking, just a little, "Maybe she's hurt and won't play that well."

I'm probably over thinking this.

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