Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eddie means someone must go

The LA Galaxy have agreed to terms with veteran Argentine defender Eduardo Dominguez. Capable of playing in central defense, as well as a left back, Dominguez joins the Galaxy after spending one season with Huracán of the Argentine Primera Division. He will officially join the Galaxy roster upon the receipt of his P1 visa and International Transfer Clearance (ITC). Per team and league regulations, details of the contract were not released.

“We are excited to add Eduardo to our squad and believe that he will add balance, quality and experience to our defense,” Galaxy Director of Soccer Paul Bravo said. “He has all the attributes necessary to be an outstanding defender in this league.”

The 29-year-old central defender has spent his entire professional career playing in South America, spending all but two years in the Argentine Primera Division.

“I am very happy to be here, not just with the Galaxy, but in Los Angeles and the United States,” Dominguez said. “This is a very important step in my career and I hope to help lead the Galaxy to the championship.”

Once the paperwork is completed,
the Galaxy will need to clear a senior roster spot in order to officially add Dominguez to the roster.

Who will go?


RHYbread said...

Hopefully the Galaxy take the next logical step and sign a competent holding midfielder. So much of the defensive mistakes stem from the constant pressure when we're not able to hold the ball in the center of the park well.

Phillip said...

Of course details of the contract weren't released (aside from the fact that they normally aren't)...

MLS doesn't want to show us how the Galaxy have received a higher salary cap than any other team.

Anonymous said...

Andrea and Luis, any way you can find out confirmation of the rumor that X's contract is guaranteed and has a no-waiver clause in it?

If not, I'd be happy to see him go.

Anonymous said...

Bye Pete.

Jaime said...

Pete or Troy Roberts.

Jon E said...

phillip--people say this all the time, but what's your evidence for that. LA has the advantage of some grandfathered DPs, and if you want to call that cooking the books, fine. But that's already in the open. Are you really saying that the league is letting MLS pay its players more than any other team does? And if so, what's your evidence?

Anonymous said...

Greg Vanney.

Anonymous said...

Second the Greg Vanney comment. He makes $91K, he hasn't played since about the 4th week, and he's about 50 years old. FC Dallas can pick him up off of waivers. Or Seattle can make him their second signing.

L.B. said...

I don't see how Greg Vanney can get any playing time now. I couldn't see it before - once he lost his place, it was always going to be tough to recover it - but especially now.

Ben7 said...
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Ben7 said...

I'd cut X if possible but it isn't.
He has a guaranteed contract and salary, even waiving him would not result in a cap relief, since it would still count against the teams total.

Nobody wants to trade even their mother in law for him...

As for some of bigger earners who could not deliver since they were injuried/national team duty or just awful I think one of these has to go...

Ruiz 325k
Vagenas 144k
Jazic 126
Vanney 92k

+ there is aswell that Honduran defender Osvaldo Chavez who could be another one to come into the fold...

btw here is a try of a salary calculation to my best understanding:

MLS SalaryCap = 2.3 > 2.5 M $

The preDPrule high paid players numbers counting against the cap could be wrong

I'd be glady corrected by the Dynamic Duo (Canales/Bueno)

Galaxy Team Salary Calculation with published 5th June 2008 numbers:

Becks 415k (6.5 M $ DP)
Donovan 325k (900k DP*)
Ruiz 325k (460k DP*)
Buddle 157k
Xavier 156k
Klein 150k
Vagenas 144k
Jazic 126k
Pires 111k
Vanney 92k
Sesay (78k GA)
Cronin 75k
Gordon 73k
Franchino 50k
Franklin 49k
Allen 45k
Wicks 38k
Randolph 33k
Roberts 33k
Gavin (18k SD)
Tudela (18k SD)
McDonald (18k SD)
Jordan (13k Dev)
Valentin (13k Dev)
Higgins (13k Dev)
Alamo (13k Dev)
Bolkan Scott (13k Dev)
Vardan Adzemian (13k Dev)
Eduardo Dominguez - no info yet
1'065'000 (Becks, Ruiz, Donovan)
1'332'000 (Rest of the Team)
Total = 2'397'000 M $

ps: Sorry for deleting my earlier post, but it was full of mistakes and wrong numbers

L.B. said...

Thanks ben7 for taking the time to share that. Your figures are pretty much accurate, at least as far as I understand the cap and all the figures to be. And of course, when you have about half of your available money put towards three players, you better make every other dollar count. And right now, a lot of it isn't counting.

papa bear said...

I don't see how Vanney or Vagenas aren't the ones to go.

Vanney hasn't played and I thought Vagenas was already off the team. If they were smart they'd cut both and get some more help in midfield.