Monday, July 21, 2008


Injuries can happen at anytime to anyone, so blaming a tournament for a disastrous injury is a bit of misplaced blame.

However, that's probably little consolation for Chivas de Guadalajara supporters, who not only lost out on the chance to play in the semifinal round but lost their starting goalkeeper for the entire Apertura 2008 season.

Luis Ernesto Michel is done for after breaking his arm late in Saturday's game against Atlante. Michel collided with Gabriel Pereyra and snapped his arm in the process.

To add insult to injury, Chivas lost the match 2-0 and were eliminated from the tournament despite two previous victories.

With Michel, Chivas had a fighting chance to make noise in league this year. Without him, it's hard to imagine them competing. Michel had become one of the league's finer goalkeepers but now they've got to rely on youth in goal. It looks like Sergio Rodriguez is the leading candidate to replace Michel.


Jon said...

Wasn't the post - it was an Atlante player.

L.B. said...

Oh yeah, was half asleep when i wrote that. Now that I have my coffee, I'm raring and ready to go!