Monday, July 28, 2008


Per request (who says we don't listen to our readers?) a USWNT-centric episode of Canales Corner.


ghostwriter said...

Thanks, Andrea. Very nice job. It'll, as you say, all be about creativity and possession, or perhaps that should be reversed, possession and creativity, since probably the possession needs to come first.

I hope to see a lot of both, culminating in scoring chances created by the speed of the US kids.

What I hope I don't see, is shootouts.

I also wonder if the reduced expectations brought on by Wambaugh's late injury may actually take some pressure off and allow them to play a little more relaxed. (Silver lining, don't you know.)

This'll be the Olympics of Pia and the kids. (A-Rod and Tobin are my picks for greatness and I think it'll start to show in these Games.) Maybe Coach is rubbing off on me, but I really do have a good feeling about this group.


Coach said...

lol Andrea - I indeed requested it but didn't see it till now cus you didn't label it USWNT! lol

Now I'll go watch it!


Coach said...

Excellent Andrea!

Now if we could have just got you "predicting" a GOLD for the home side, we'd be all set!

I know - but it's not what I feel, so how can I write that! Doesn't matter - you're an American - put on those red, white & blue coloured glasses! lol

Wine glass half full - mines full - well, not right now, but you know what I mean! ;)

I'm kidding A.C. - I can live with your predictions, I just "Hope" you're wrong but we shall see!

U.S.A. by one or in P.K.'s!