Friday, July 18, 2008

Mexico a los juegos olimpicos

One Mexican, at least, is going to compete in the Olympics for soccer.
One Mexican-American, that is.


Anonymous said...

Andrea (or Luis),

Any idea why Orozco didn't see any playing time in the 3 big friendlies for the US? I think he was on the roster for the England game? Why take him to Europe and then not give him anytime? Lingering injury issues?


A.C. said...

Not sure - haven't seen Bradley to ask him, but Bradley (and Arena before him) sometimes brings players into camps for the "experience" in training and the team atmosphere, not so much to contribute in a game.

East River said...

I try to add on to what AC has said. When the National Team ids a player they really think can make a contribution to the squad they like to bring that player in slowly. Like they did with Adu, Jozy, LD, Guzan, and Beasley. Unlike what they did to Herculez Gomez and Marvel Wynne those goes not only didn't get the opporutnity to sit on the bench and learn but they didn't even get called into camp. Instead they got thrown out there on the pitch in Copa America and we saw what happen. Wynn will likely work his way into the national team in a year or two but he doesn't get the attention that Maurice Edu and others under 23s get. My 2 cents