Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So much for Toronto

I'm not a TFC supporter but even I'm starting to get frustrated.

I can just imagine how the Red Patch Boys feel about
their club's latest setback.

Toronto FC failed to qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League as Montreal nabbed Canada's lone spot in the upcoming tournament. Needing just a win, Toronto FC actually went ahead early but could not seal the deal. Montreal got an equalizer from Rapids washout Roberto Brown and held on for a 1-1 draw.

It must be incredibly frustrating for TFC fans to pack the house only to watch their team score one goal a game, or many times actually see them score no goals at all. But this is a slap in the face, losing out on the chance to participate in what could have been an exciting event for the team and its fans. To add insult to injury to Toronto fans, it's Montreal's team that gets to go and represent Canada.

Not sure what Toronto needs but they need something. Perhaps it's time for the front office to work something out with Chicago instead of being the reported stubborn fools they've been. Toronto needs something; otherwise there will be more frustrating draws at BMO Field this season.


A.C. said...

John Carver is definitely calling out his players publicly. Not that Abel Xavier was going to play there anyway, with the turf and all.

El Rey said...

We'll give up Barrett a little cash and maybe a pick for DMB

East River said...

Don't know why people are so shocked. They are only a 2nd year team playing against two well established Canadians teams from the always underrated USL. Montreal has been good for a while so even though they are having an off year in USL-1 they are still a tough team to beat. Toronto has not even been in the playoffs yet so not only that but they started a 16 year old as an a lone striker b/c the coach obviously doesn't beleive in Jeff Cunningham. Carver actually said in the Toronto Star after the gam "this guy has score 99 career goals?" I give them another year to get their team together. But they deserved to be taken down a notch for thinking of those two USL-1 teams as their little brothers.

On another note, what if the two USL teams, the other being the PR Islanders actually do better then MLS teams in this thing? Also does the US Open Cup champion go to the CCL? If so its really possible that the USL could send 3 teams from 3 countries to this thing. I hope this makes MLS brass and Garber consider raising the cap and stopping expansion so the league can get more competitive.

papa bear said...

@east river: yes, the USOC champ goes to the CL as well.

I am pleased as punch that TFC choked. It's utter bullshit that Canada gets a spot to begin with.
Letting them compete in another countries qualifying set up would be like letting Cardiff try to qualify through England and then fall back on trying to get through via the Welsh league.

It's double bullshit that USL gets a shot at all in this 3 team farce tourney. That's like letting BL.2 or Colaship clubs get into the UEFA CL. They have to do something to change that. If Canada wants to have a Canadian open cup where every team in Canada (pro/am etc) has a shot then I'll be less peeved.

Don't expect Mo to be sensible re: McBride anytime soon. He could trade the rights now for $100K + player (one player) and a 2nd rd. draft pick and sign a NICE South American forward while Chicago waits a month for McBride to get back from the Olympics with one less player than they should have.
I guess he'll be happier when MLS finally steps in and scres them over as they are oh so willing to do.