Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lifetime Ban Rankings (July 20)

Well, let's see. We had five league games this week and all five ended in a draw. KC-Columbus kicked it off with a 3-3 draw, then San Jose-Toronto and Real Salt Lake-Chicago each went 0-0 while Colorado-FC Dallas and Galaxy-New York went 2-2. No winners, no losers, 10 teams gaining one point apiece.

Meanwhile, DC crashed out of SuperLiga by losing all three games. So much for league momentum. But that doesn't exactly count in these rankings, since I only take into account league form and results.

1. New England (10-4-3). Status quo with MLS' best side.
2. DC United (7-7-1). Good thing that slide won't affect league standings.
3. Columbus (8-5-4). Danny O'Rourke is a terror in the back, and not in a good way.
4. Chicago (7-5-4). Post was both kind and unkind to the Fire.
5. Real Salt Lake (6-6-6). Oh no! That record might be some sort of demonic curse for RSL. Their offense certainly seems cursed.
6. Toronto FC (6-6-4). If they can't win - or even get a point - they need to do so at home, especially against the league's worst team.
7. Chivas USA (6-6-3). Dan Kennedy getting primed for league play in SuperLiga.
8. LA Galaxy (6-6-4). How bad is this defense? New York has four two-goal games this season - two of them have come against the Galaxy.
9. Houston (4-4-8). Winning doesn't seem to be a problem in SuperLiga.
10. Colorado (6-8-2). Christian Gomez's magic flick helped Rapids pull out a point.
11. Kansas City (5-5-6). Josh Wolff might indeed make a difference.
12. FC Dallas (4-6-7). Is that some sings of life from Juan Toja?
13. New York (5-6-6). Rojas might help this sad sack of a club after all.
14. San Jose (3-9-5). Only thing keeping this squad from having double-digit losses is Joe Cannon.


Anonymous said...

Took you long enough to force the goats ahead of galaxy.

L.B. said...

You must have missed last week's rankings then.