Monday, July 28, 2008

Sangre americana J1 recap

One week of Mexico's Apertura 2008 season is in the books and here is how the Sangre americana lot fared.

Sort of slow actually as only one of the first-division players saw action. In total, though, one American scored two goals over the weekend.

Primera Division

Edgar Castillo - Played 90 minutes in Santos' 3-2 loss to America.
Marco Antonio Vidal - Played 90 minutes in Indios' 1-0 loss to Tecos.
Jose Francisco Torres - Did not play in Pachuca's 0-0 draw with Tigres.
Michael Orozco - With US Olympic team
Sonny Guadarrama - Did not play in Morelia's 2-2 draw with San Luis.
Daniel Hernandez - Did not play in Jaguares' 5-0 loss at Alts due to suspension.

Primera A

Jesus Padilla - Scored both goals for Tapatio in a 2-0 win over Real Colima.
Carlos Borja - Played all 90 minutes in Tapatio's 2-0 win over Real Colima.
Sammy Ochoa - Served first of three game suspension.
Noel Castillo - Did not play in Indios Chihuahua's 1-0 win over Socio Aguila.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Marco Vidal...i think.

L.B. said...

You're right. Our latest addition to the first division. Thanks for the heads up.

Angel said...

Looks like Mr. Torres, should have gone to the Olympics.
I got to see the Indios game on Azteca America and ESPN Deportes (flipping channels. The ESPN announcers were rather harsh towards the Juarez crowd, even though it was pooring cats and dogs here in the el paso/juarez frontera (we live in a desert). Oh well, I thought Vidal played pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates from SoB. Best around for Yanks "down there."

As Angel said, that decision to skip the Olympics is looking a little iffy on Torres' part.

I understand not shitting where you eat and pissing off your bosses, but it sounds like they pressures him to put club over country and pass on the Olympics and his "reward" is to get benched.

Such is life for Yanks with the big clubs.

L.B. said...

If there is any positives from a US perspective, it's that his international future is still undecided, and regardless of whether he'll be a key player or a fringe player, it's important for the US to have him in the pool.

Still, if he doesn't end up playing regularly, would he even be worthy of a call?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list!!!
I'll follow it closely every week.