Thursday, July 24, 2008

No tears in Nigeria

In her conference call about her injury, Abby Wambach mentioned receiving cards and emails of support from players around the world on different teams. Not everyone was feeling sad on her behalf, though. Here's an email I received:

Just wanted to comment on your article on Abby Wambach.
As a football journalist, I usually have a lot of sympathy for players when they get injured, especially in the course of a game.
But in Abby's case, I am afraid, I will have to make an exception.
Abyy is not just a physical player, she is a dirty player in my humble opinion.
Back in 2003 at the WWC, she deliberately elbowed and injured Nigeria defender Bunmi Kayode.
Usually, one would dismiss this as an accident, but Abby was caught on camera laughing and high-fiving her team mates while Bunmi lay bleeding on the turf.
There was not even a shred of sympathy for another athlete that she had almost decapitated.
Till this day, Bunmi carries the scar on her face.
A similar thing happened at the 2007 WWC. This time, Faith Ikidi was the victim. You can take a look at the replays of both incidents.
Abby deliberately went out to injure Faith, and the poor kid was stretchered off the pitch in tears.
So permit to say that for Abby Wambach, its a case of what goes around finally coming around.
There are millions of Nigerians whose reaction to Abby's misfortune is way worse than mine.

Can't find video of that incident, but here's another that shows Abby playing tough.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and everyone knows that the Super Falcons are SUCH a clean team.

Anonymous said...

"almost decapitated" and "millions of nigerians" might be stretching it a bit

Meredith said...

What a load of BS.

Toddzilla said...

I think "almost decapitated" is something akin to "sort of pregnant." You're either decapitated or not, I'm pretty sure there isn't an "almost" category.

She's also got a hell of a sharp elbow to "almost decapitate" someone with it.

I'm looking forward to seeing the video evidence of "Abby was caught on camera laughing and high-fiving her teammates while Bunmi lay bleeding on the turf." I'm sure it's coming soon in the follow-up email.

It's a classic logical fallacy - make a semi-outrageous claim while attempting to sound reasonable about it so that it makes your outrageous claim sound more legit: "Usually, one would dismiss this as an accident."

I'm also curious what teammates she was high-fiving and laughing with - surely Nigeria must hate them specifically as well. Could you find out, AC? Inquiring minds want to know.

A.C. said...

Here's an article about the incident, but I have had no luck finding video of it.

A.C. said...

Here's a picture.

Coach said...

OUCH again!

I agree with Meredith, toddzilla and the rest here, the Nigerians are no saints, like Brazil, so what a load of B.S.!!

I absolutely cannot wait until the Games begin!

drew_brown said...

Did the Nigerian poster offer to wire $50million to your bank account if you sent him a one time transfer fee of $20,000????

...yeah they play fair in Nigeria...