Sunday, July 20, 2008

Titanic site

It's abot a quarter hour to kickoff or so until Chivas USA-New England's SuperLiga match. Here's what the scene looks like as well as a couple more pictures inside.

It's a change of pace from what we're used to obviously. Usually, matches around here are at Home Depot Center but because of the X Games this game had to be played elsewhere, and this is elsewhere.

The capacity here is 10,000 but it doesn't look like we'll get anywhere near that amount.

I think the last official match played here was in 2002 but don't know for sure. I'll try and locate that information for one of my stories and will let you know when I find out that information.

The picture that shows behind the goal is the locker rooms and I'm assuming where they'll have some sort of post-match mixed zone. You can see the little SuperLiga background thing they set up for interviews and such.

I can't recall exactly how many games I've been here. I was the Galaxy-Revs 2001 Open Cup final and at least one Galaxy Open Cup match (against Seattle Sounders Select) as a reporter. I came to a Galaxy Open Cup match once as a fan and also came here for the 2001 CONCACAF Champions Cup matches, as a fan as well.

The field doesn't look to be in the greatest shape but it's hard to tell from up here.


Anonymous said...

hahah i watched a 5 min episode of shaun the sheep today when i was watching disney channel and remembered you posted an episode was retarded but funny nonetheless.

ps im goinmg to be in LA/socal on tuesday-thurs - is there anything soccer related going on around??

OSweet said...

Titanic emptiness?