Sunday, July 27, 2008

Galactic problems

Just got home from a day out with the fam so didn't have a chance to do the running blog. It's halftime in Frisco and the Galaxy's defense is up to its old tricks as FC Dallas leads 3-0.

I'll update periodically through the second half. Go ahead and post your thoughts on the match here.

Eduardo Dominguez fit right into the Galaxy's backline as he turned a ball over that led to the second goal. Steve Cronin is yet again terrible while the entire defense has done little but cause some slight interference to FC Dallas' attackers.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy's offense is strangely quiet. It's been quite a few number of games now that the Galaxy has been rather average looking on the attack. Perhaps teams are starting to figure them out or the club was playing well above their means or probably a combination of the two.

Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts on the match. 3-0 at halftime.

UPDATE: 4-0 to FC Dallas. Complete turnaround from the last trip to Frisco, a 5-1 Galaxy win.


Rich21 said...

LA has fallen apart the last month. They look clueless. LD is not a left winger. Bench Pires' sorry fat ass, move LD as the attacking mid and put Randolph back as LM. At least he can run a little bit.

Maybe there was something to what X said on the way out...

Anonymous said...

Dominguez is not a savior in terms of pace for our defense.

He's had a horrible debut.

The Hammer said...

Can we please trade Ruiz now?

If that so called "effort" is all it takes, I'll have a heart-to-heart with Gullit, too, and take a roster spot for the low price of $4,000 per year.

Not only has he taken up $400,000 in cap space, he is now playing the role of cancer in our front end. Buddle and Donovan are playing so far apart from each other, it looks like they have a tumor in between them.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

LD is not a midfielder, period! Gullit should put him back up top.

I guess "Eduardo Dominguez" is the Argentine translation of "Abel Xavier."

If there's anything good to come out of this, perhaps it's that Lalas and Bravo are toast after this season. let's hope so.

Anonymous said...

Kenny Cooper is awesome. Can't wait to see him in europe.

charlesj27 said...

Joseph & the Hammer:
While I do agree that the ability of Carlos Ruiz to become a threatening Goal Poacher, Goal Scorer, and 2-way player(in general) has now faded and down-right waned, he does seem like he's trying. But, I do agree - trying will just NOT cut it in the MLS league anymore. This league is improving in quality (especially, physicality, speed, and aggressiveness) with each passing year. The Carlos Ruiz of 2008 is NOT the Carlos Ruiz of 2002 & 2003. Sorry - I know I've probably upset a many long-time Galaxy fans. The Galaxy organizarion, the coaching staff, and especially the player for the LA Galaxy have to realize that David and Landon is just NOT enough to guarantee wins in this league! The starting 11 on the pitch must be a highly agressive, physical, and hungry bunch. And, this evening's game proved that FC Dallas was clearly the more hungrier!
I do agree - Landon Donovan is not the type of player that can do well as a left midfielder. I do believe he makes a great attacking midfielder and possibly also as a second striker (Hence, the #10). But, if he serious about Europe, or teh EPL - he better seriously go after it right now... because there will absolutely be no chance as he gets older. EPL plays a lot more games, plus one does a LOT more running (2-way play) in EPL.
Guys, please do NOT bash Eduardo just yet... his placement, positioning, and ball passing were all good - but, his pace wasn't! Personally, I honestly believe it will take another four to five actual MLS matches for him to figure at what speed and at what ALERT level he has to be in in order to play in this league!
For me, three biggest hams (dispicable losers) in the LA Galaxy right now are: Greg Vanney, Pete Vagenas, and Carlos Ruiz. The LA Galaxy absolutely needs another young, tall, pacy Central Defender, and two very good, experienced Midfield Wingers that can easily play BOTH LEFT & RIGHT Wings. Only then - Only then, I believe David Beckham will be freed up enough to put forth plenty more accurate, pin-point crosses towards goal.
As far as Lalas being gone... Not a day has passed since a great many Galaxy fans have been holding their breaths. Lalas is a "suit" now - and, as a "suit" one has to deeply, mysteriously, undeniably entrenched as a hench-man for one's boss & master. Sorry - but, I believe blood has been spilt, and souls have been handed and exchanged... my only explanation for why he's been unmoved and void of any danger!

Anonymous said...

haha i am loving this

Anonymous said...

i dont think anybody not guatemalan still wants him on the team

jon e said...


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Charles27, I have to disagree with you about Dominguez for this reason: Cooper dispossessed him cleanly (as if he were Chris Klein) to start the give-and-go that resulted in his second goal. Yes, Dominguez needs time to adjust to the league but does anybody seriously trust the Galaxy's "brain-less trust" when it comes to analyzing personnel, especially foreign talent?

Remember, Beckham came here because Leiweke knows Beckham's agent well. Lalas had nothing to do with that.

FC Uptown said...

Lalas needs to ship Ruiz and get something back for him pronto. Either that, or Ruiz needs to start scoring at Buddle's early season pace. Chemistry is all off with Ruiz in there. Of course the defense cratered too. Red Bulls or Toronto or Chivas need a scorer? I would also suggest Houston for Pescadito but he may have burned too many bridges over there.