Friday, July 25, 2008

Sangre americana preview: Torres

Jose Francisco Torres passed on the US Olympic team so he could play more for Pachuca. On Saturday, we'll learn if that was a good decision.

Torres was in a preseason battle with plenty of other talented players for a starting spot in Pachuca's loaded midfield, and while he doesn't bring years of experience to the table, he has plenty of other qualities that make him appealing.

Torres, 20, is a speedy, hard-working midfielder with improving ball skills. With Pachuca, though, Torres is one of a handful of talented midfielders. Gabriel Caballero, Damian Alvarez, Gerardo Rodriguez, Jaime Correa, Luis Montes... the list goes on.

In SuperLiga, Torres got a shot to show his worth as did most everyone else. Torres didn't hurt his cause as he played well during his audition.

A season ago, Torres started seven league games and played 10 overall. He also saw time in the CONCACAF Champions Cup and is a valuable member of the team going forward. Had he gone to the Olympics, perhaps it would have lessened his chances of playing this season.

Still, Torres potentially has the most upside of the young Americans here. He plays on one of the best clubs in Mexico in terms of churning out young talent. Chivas gets a lot of credit for producing young talent but Pachuca is right up there when it comes to young talented players. Torres would certainly add to los Tuzos' riches if he continues to develop, and Apertura 2008 may be a big step forward for him.


The Hammer said...

Pachuca's fate this season will rest on the bench players. One of the keys to success in 2006/2007 was having a strong bench, which included game-ready youngsters.

Torres, along with Luis Montes, are Pachuca's best young options. Torres has a wicked shot and an educated foot to send in crosses.

Jon e said...

Torres looks oddly like Beckham in that photo.

Anonymous said...

Mediotiempo listed the number of foreigners signed for the upcoming 2008 Apertura. In the Primera A side of things, it looks like they've signed a good number of US developed players.

L.B. said...

Cool, thanks for the heads up. I've got at least three more now.