Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sangre americana preview: Vidal

Mexico's Apertura 2008 season is upon us. In a few days, 18 clubs will begin yet another season that promises to bring with it high drama, memorable goals and exciting matches.

Among the dozens of players who will see action this season are a small band of American-born players, our beloved Sangre americana lot.

Here is the first of several previews I will present to you about the respective players and how they stand in terms of prospects for the upcoming season. We'll begin with the latest addition to the First Division: Dallas native Marco Antonio Vidal.

Vidal, 22, has yet to play in the Mexican First Division. However, he stands to play quite often for the newly-promoted Indios de Ciudad Juarez. A midfielder, Vidal played a key role for Indios over the last calendar year. He played a total of 42 games for Indios in the Primera A division.

In the preseason, Vidal has seen plenty of action for Indios as his importance to the club will seemingly not change much in the top flight.

Vidal, though, will be surrounded by some experienced players, including players such as Manuel "Tripa" Perez, Andres Chitiva and Edwin Santibanez. If Indios coach Sergio Orduna wants to start the season off with some experience in the midfield, perhaps Vidal will wait to debut in the top flight.

An interesting side note: Vidal, as his bio from Indios' web site shows, actually had a shot with Chivas de Guadalajara despite his American birth.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea L.B. It'll be nice getting to know a little more about our guys in Mexico.