Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sangre americana preview: Guadarrama

Sonny boy! After the Clausura 2008 season, I would have bet money that Sonny Guadarrama would not have made it through the summer unscathed. A new coach came in midseason (Luis Fernando Tena) and Guadarrama saw zero playing time with the first team once that happened.

But Guadaramma made it and his prospects are pretty good - at earning playing time that is. Not sure about nabbing a starting spot.

Guadarrama, a native of Austin, Texas, broke into the Mexican leagues with Santos and moved to Morelia after the Apertura 2007 season. But with Morelia, he spent most of his time playing the Primera A.

He's back though and it looks like the seasoning may have paid off. He's been with the club during the preseason and could get a crack at some playing time in Morelia's midfield. Morelia struggled bad last season and could use some changes to help contend for the playoffs. Morelia made some good moves in acquiring Marvin Cabrera and Hugo Droguett but Guadarrama, 21, could add some youth to the team.

If you're interested, I actually had the chance to talk to Sonny in January during InterLiga. I was saving this interview and I suppose still am but nothing's come of it. So I'll put it up here and
let you guys listen to Sonny's tale.

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