Thursday, July 31, 2008

They're coming for the kids

Part of me is really skeptical about teams abroad tapping into the U.S. youth soccer market.

I mean, unless they naturalize a bunch of players, they can't bring over American prospects who don't meet work permit standards. It's all well and good to want to play in Europe, but generally, you have to do something here first before they want you over there.


Kristian said...

I have to agree with you on this one. Seems it is more marketing then anything else. If established stars in the MLS can't get a work permit for England, how is some chump kid who plays for Crystal Palace Baltimore or Ajax Orlando???

FC Uptown said...

Better coaching by seasoned professionals on fundamentals is probably needed don't you think?

Anonymous said...

i think it's a great a idea because they're a shit load of kids here so there's a better chance of finding great players

youre exaggerating because it's not as if they're going to take them all & what's wrong with playing with a european club right away? they don't owe the mls shit, if the league were any good they'd stay here

it will also build the US teams respect around the world when more and more great players move to europe

Anonymous said...

MLS is the one to blame for this. With the salary cap been a joke, our best players are leaving to Europe and now Mexico. We need to develop our youth to dream of playing in the MLS rather then Europe or just abroad. Look at Argentina(Boca) and other clubs down south. This goes not only towards European teams, but any foreign clubs. Mexican clubs having been doing this for a while. Hint, Chivas. I wonder if thats why Vergara decided to create Chivas USA?

East River said...

If a team really wants you to play in England they will do what Arsenal did with Carlos Vela and have you play in a Euro country for a few years, have you apply for citizenship and you get that EU passport so you play in England. English teams have been accused of doing this with African players by having them play in the Belgium first they get citizenship there and then finally transfer to the English team that wanted them all along.

With teams like Ajax the Dutch rules are not nearly a difficult as those England. But it is rather suspect that we have not seen any talent from these Euro affilated teams actually get picked up and go over there. Still I don't think teams like Crystal Palace are trying to build a brand here. Man U or Arsenal yes but the teams like West Ham and CP have no real brand in the first place.

papa bear said...

You guys are NUTS if you think they can't/won't naturalize a kid QUICKLY if he has a great deal of talent. Also, don't forget that when you are under the age of 18 you can go over there and get 'work' at a football club with virtually none of the hurdles a senior level player has.
This isn't good.

Holland has been naturalizing Africans who haven't ever once touched Dutch soil for years.

You guys can dismiss it all you want but when the US is generating a lot more very good players and seeing more and more of them take off overseas early and often, don't keep hand wringing wondering why the USMNT still hasn't gone over the hump or why the level of MLS has stagnated. (of course MLS needs to work on salaries as well but that's another story)

Anonymous said...

Can we see the USA been the next Argentina?