Thursday, July 24, 2008

An All-Star Game of their own

Why should MLS have all the fun? I guess what surprises me isn't that a player would be interested, it's that the press report on it isn't making merciless fun of the mere concept of aping an American event.
SV readers, what do you say? Would a Premiership All-Star Game be a total travesty? Who would they play?


Anonymous said...

Premier All-stars vs La Liga All Stars. Don't know if it's feasible but that would be a great game

starinyourfire said...

they can do regional games, teams from manchester vs london, north england vs south england. it's all possible if they really wanted to do it but i'd be really surprised if it happened. it's a cool idea though.

Anonymous said...

british v. non-british, but the british could have a tough go. but i think this way would have the most support in england.