Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Read, if you want to

What I've glanced at today.
Grant's take on the U.S. women - I agree with Solo's assessments, but I'd have liked to hear from the forwards on the squad as well, since I doubt Solo is expected to score.

Drawing it out.

Melancholy Messi - he's on the Barcelona roster for their U.S. tour, and not the Olympics. Though Zeigler points out rightly that the U.S. team isn't getting caught up in this fight, I think the U.S. is at least indirectly involved. If Barsa is forcing Messi to stay with their team due to financial concerns, then U.S. money is making the Argentine team that much weaker, possibly aiding the American chase for the gold medal.
But do Barcelona fans even want to see a glum Messi perform in New York when he's clearly indicated his desire to be elsewhere?

Not-so-thrilled with the McBride deal

More deals on tap for Quakes?


Anonymous said...

I don't think that guy who wrote the McBride piece has ever seen Barrett play. The dude basically played himself off the olympic team.

ghostwriter said...

Not sure about that link to Wahl's article, AC.

I guess with Hope, it's a case of once a scorer, always a scorer, even if you're really a keeper.

I think they'll surprise people if they can just get off to a good positive start v. Norway. If the kids finish a couple smartly there, it could rain US goals (at least thru the round robin).

A.C. said...

Fixed Grant's link.

ghostwriter said...

One other Hope comment: did you see the pics of the team practice in China (on US Soccer site) with HS punching at the ball as NK tries to get a head on it? Great pic and intense practice, but wow, how absolutely RIPPED is that Solo girl!!!