Monday, July 21, 2008

Visual aid

In so many ways, some people who turn up their noses at American soccer in favor of leagues abroad disparage MLS as slower, of lower quality, with inferior fields and only vaguely interested fans. That might not be specific enough for some, so here's a video that probably describes their impression.


Gabriel in Argentina said...

What I always hate about those that attack MLS as being inferior to the other leagues is that they compare the MLS teams to the top teams of the league. For instance, I recently saw someone post that the MLS was inferior because they couldn´t beat Boca Jrs. Or you hear, ¨MLS sucks because they can´t beat Chelsea or Man U¨ Well, in both examples, not many teams around the world can beat those teams. However, do I think MLS teams can beat the lower half of the Argentine of Mexican league teams? Yes, I think they could. I also think our better teams could beat some of the lower ranked teams in the Premier League.

Finally, in terms of watching MLS. Granted, watching two MLS teams is not going to be as good as watching Real Madrid vs Barcelona or Liverpool v Arsenal, however, I would much rather see Red Bulls vs Galaxy than Bolton v Derby, Gimnasia Jujuy v Olimpo, or Puebla v Jaguares.

I watched Red Bulls v Galaxy last week here in Argentina and the Argentine announcers said (and I agreed) that it was a good game. They said it was entertaining and it was! So, there..that is my rant for the month.

A.C. said...

Hey, if Argentine announcers think MLS is entertaining, heck, that should be authoritative. They know about entertaining soccer.