Sunday, July 20, 2008

Manhattan Mania

Everybody likes Manhattan Beach. It's pricey without being as exclusively snobby as Malibu. It's got cute shops, cute people, cute bars, cute little sushi restaurants. It's got a boardwalk for exercise and volleyball courts all set up for quick games.
No wonder all the athletes want to live there. I don't live there, of course, but I have spent a lot of time in Manhattan Beach. My friend Rachel was working on her thesis these past two years, and she liked to drive to Manhattan Beach, plug in her laptop at the local Starbucks and knock out a few hours of work there. I'd join her on occasion, with a pile of stuff to grade or an article to put together.
I remember wondering idly if I'd see an athlete I recognized while I was sitting writing. It never happened, though a lot of the soccer players I regularly interview, (including those from Chivas USA, which this article doesn't even mention as an LA team) live there.

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