Friday, July 18, 2008

Redacted readings

Daniel Guzman wasn't kidding when he said more Mexican club teams are scouting in the U.S. Atlas is, for sure.

I like the different interpretations of the same thing said.

Not picking the home team.

John, of course, doesn't actually have to play on turf.

Could sprayed lines make encroachment vanish?


Jon E said...

Off-topic, but Goff is reporting that the Galaxy are about to waive Xavier.

A.C. said...

Maybe. The Galaxy are in New York right now, so I'm not going to practice today to confirm or anything. It's been funny, though, the run-around we've gotten about who they were going to waive to make room for Dominguez. Guess they hadn't finalized things yet.

starinyourfire said...

Arturo Alvarez a season ago or so was wanted by a mexican club and tried getting him through FCD partner Tigres.

papa bear said...

I find it hilarious that FIFA throws a s*** fit when Arsenal and other clubs (and countries: hello, Holland) set up things EXACTLY like what many Mexican clubs are doing in the US in Africa and Belgium etc.

Surely the USSF needs to take a harder look at this as the more it happens the more it potentially disrupts the US and MLS player pools.