Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beau and Becks

Beau takes the temperature of Beckham fever these days. It's not scorching, but it's warm.
Let's personalize the phenomenon for Sideline Views folk. How has Beckham joining MLS affected you? Not at all? Some? Explain.


FC Uptown said...

I am very thankful he came to the league. His games are more exciting, he plays a good villain on the road, there are more fans at the games, more excitement in the stands, it's more intense on the field - you can see that clearly - it's a whole new attitude of seriousness which is welcome. Even girls don't curl up their lip when you mention you are a soccer fan - it's all good. Was there ever another soccer player at the ESPY's? When did sports stores carry any MLS gear? Now they at least carry his jersey (even here in Ohio you can find lots of his stuff). The whole thing is great - but the best part is when he works those crosses. There are a lot of haters, but he's brought a lot to the games and the sport IMHO. Didn't think I would be a fan, but I love watching the Galaxy games.

Anonymous said...

The writer hit on one thing that has always been present in the LA/SoCal sports ethos-that to be viable in this market you have to not only win, but look good doing it (entertain)-hence the success of the Lakers and Galaxy, who do both...(at least in the case of the Lakers)...

Winning ugly is not acceptable in this town, and if you lose, there will not be fans calling for your head-just rows and rows of empty seats (see Clippers) and total apathy...because if you dont win and look good doing it, there are lots of other things to do with your time.

JkR said...

I always watch Galaxy games, even as a neutral, and enjoy them, even with the comedy defending.

He just never seems to show a downside, honestly. Prince of a guy.

LBC United said...

I don't think it's a question of whether or not Beckham has been good for the league. Can it be sustained? Not only by Beckham, but by the league in attracting other notable European players who can offer a combination of exposure and quality play. I've watched a lot of Galaxy games this year, and perhaps wouldn't have otherwise. I still don't think the league markets itself very well, and I'm not fond of the broadcasts.

One thing is for sure though... if the Galaxy can get its defense together, they will be even more dangerous with Ruiz back in the lineup.

Ben7 said...

to be honest, I didn't know a lot about MLS before Becks joined, but it changed a lot since then.

Before Becks I knew this about MLS:

Alain Sutter(Swiss)played for Dallas Burns a few years back.

Matthaus had a "awfull english" press conference when he signed with NY.

The Metros were brought/renamed by RedBull.

MLS had the "shoot-outs 15 secs 1-1 vs goalie thing" which I really like.


I understand most of the MLS puzzle pieces.

The salary cap (well at least as far as it's known), roster combinations, drafts (something entirely new for a me)

What I most admire/like about MLS:

MLS and the teams know it needs the fans for it s future, treats them better compared to europe I'd say.
Fanfests, dash for hunger, charity events and the overall "closeness" to fans is very nice for a change.
(Don't just compare everything with England which has a lot of bad or not so positive things too)

Lots of teams, even very new ones have a chance to to well (just have a look at the only into 2nd season Toronto team)

the fans are cool, the soccer specific stadiums are nice.

I watch all available (not only on official sources) Galaxy games live over the web. Usually they are at european night times PT +9 / ET +6 which requires some time getting used to it, but IMO it's worth it.

I'll fly over in October to watch my 1st two MLS Games from the Galaxy.

Chris Klein is my new favourite player & I like Robbie Rogers too.

I redisvovered Lalas/Cobi (World Cup 94 and childhood memmories - which started my soccer "fever" (I was not about 8.5 yrs old, Switzerland qualified for a tournament for the first time in 24/28 years, opener was vs USA)

A.C. said...

Wow, ben7 is a great example of a type of fan I'm not even sure MLS expected to ever have. The focus has in so many ways been about developing a following in the U.S., that I don't think the league has ever taken into account the possibility of attracting fans elsewhere. I can see the appeal, though. There's something about MLS that seems accessible. Fans can meet players, come to practice or other events.
Local writers (me included, I'll cop to it) complain about access to David Beckham, but every writer I've talked to from Europe is amazed that we get to ask him questions so much. It's not like that in Europe.

tracey said...

Yes, it's like getting an audience with the Queen, getting access to soccer players in England.