Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nicol post-game

Steve Nicol spent much of the imprompt post-game presser talking about the deplorable field conditions. He had as good a view as anyone and didn't really feel like the field was something that should have been used for a tournament of this magnitude.

The field was pretty bad. I could tell from up here that it wasn't the greatest but the way it went down, well, Nicol was none too pleased about it.

Here's the audio.

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East River said...

yeah the field was pretty bad. I think Houston's field is a bit worst. I mean at least this one had some grass Houston's is just dirt and more dirt. But I wondering is why did they try to get UCLA's soccer field? I mean sruely they have a decent field right? I mean Chelse practiced there so I figure their field must be in pretty good shape.