Friday, August 1, 2008

Guzan gets go-ahead

It's official now. Brad Guzan can continue his quest abroad as his work permit was approved on Friday.

That was the lone stumbling block that prevented his move from MLS to England in January, a move that cost the league millions of dollars. But after Guzan played in numerous U.S. matches this year, including both World Cup qualifiers, there seemed to be no way he would be denied. And he wasn't.

Of course, with Brad Friedel around, just how much playing time Guzan receives in league play remains to be seen. He might get the occasional cup game, though sometimes those games come around more than just occasionally.

We'll keep tabs on Guzan, the boy who became a man right before our eyes, right here and hopefully he will be Villa's number one keeper no matter what.


Dave said...

As a fan, I am very, very sad to see him go. He was great for the club and the league.

Toddzilla said...

I like Guzan, but he'll be the number one keeper when the world class keeper in front of him decides it's time to go. And not one moment sooner.

John said...

I love these changing of the guard stories. Guzan will learn tons from have Friedel in front of him. I only wish that McBride had stayed around Craven Cottage long enough to teach EJ a thing or two.