Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walking wounded

Unless something drastic changes, there is quite a bit of talent and experience that will be absent for Chivas USA against the Galaxy on Thursday.

Now, that doesn't mean that the club will field a reserve team or anything but there are concerns over certain aspects of Chivas USA's potential lineup.

The lineup probably won't include Claudio Suarez, Jonathan Bornstein, Alecko Eskandarian or Ante Razov. I doubt any of those guys suits up as none of the four trained with the team on Tuesday and Preki all but ruled them out yesterday.

So who does that leave? Oh yeah, before I go on any further, Sacha Kljestan won't play either.

Okay, getting back to the question. If I were Preki, I'd throw out this starting lineup:

Zach Thornton; Panchito Mendoza, Bobby Burling, Shavar Thomas, Lawson Vaughn; Justin Braun, Paulo Nagamura, Jesse Marsch, Carey Talley, Atiba Harris; Roberto Nurse.

Maykel Galindo should be available but I'd prefer to have him fresh for 30-45 minutes than to start him and hope he makes it an hour or something. But in attacking terms, you are left without many options so that's where the injuries will really take their toll.


soy said...

why in the world did we sign esky?
why do we keep buying damaged goods?

Anonymous said...

cheaper by the dozen.

Anonymous said...

With all these injuries, can't you really make a case for Sasha to get out here and put in some minutes?


Angel said...

LB. Is Jorge Flores hurt? What is the story on the other guy that was selected to the US U-20? I believe he was on the bench for the last game.