Friday, August 15, 2008

Leiweke speaks

You'll probably see a lot of this circulating around today so I decided to post up the raw audio of it.

Here's audio of
Tim Leiweke speaking to the media moments after he spoke to ESPN2 about all things Bruce Arena.

Leiweke doesn't often make halftime appearances for us hacks. And he actually didn't either on Thursday, as many of us missed about five minutes worth of the match to hear what was being said about Bruce.

Anyway, I'm up working on other stuff so I'll check in periodically. Don't think I'm getting to Week 1 Day 2 of the Becks workout anytime soon. Sad.


Anonymous said...

NO to Bruce!

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Guys, did you have to take a shower after interviewing Lie-weekly? Did HDC maintenance have to fumigate the suite that he and Arena shared?

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

If I'm Arena, I come nowhere near the Galaxy, no matter how much money AEG is offering, unless they give me total control over the soccer side (hiring a coach and a director of soccer). There's no way Leiweke is going to relinquish that much control. Hiring Arena as a coach, then hiring a president/GM who might not get along w/him is asking for more of the same.

You know what? Perhaps Leiweke wants to instill confusion and dissention in the front office. After all, how did he handle the Lalas-Yallop and Lalas-Gullit flareups before Monday? Some people like to play "divide-and-conquer" to enhance their own positions and reputations. Given that he's a gross incompetent when it comes to team management, Leiweke probably uses that technique to survive.

As far as the death of Doug Hamilton goes, for Leiweke to use that as an excuse is disgusting. It should be obvious to everyone by now that Leiweke does nothing but make excuses and cover his own sorry posterior. He takes responsibility for nothing. If I were Anschutz, I would have fired him two centuries ago.