Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LD chat

At practice today, I waited with other reporters to ask Landon Donovan questions. However, I wasn't aggressive enough in speaking up. I never got to ask him anything.
To his credit, LD seemed willing to answer one more question for me, but he was hustled away by media relations because coach Cobi Jones was waiting for him to join a short post-practice meeting.
I was mad at myself for not piping up sooner, and I wasn't exactly soothed by another staffer's stab at humor, "Don't worry, you can still ask Landon your question - he's doing an ESPN chat today. Just email it in."
Anyway, I made sure to speak up in all the other interview chances that day with other players. In fact, I might have cut a few other reporters off. Must find balance.

1 comment:

Ben7 said...

Never mind the "lost" interview/question.

See it positive, it's a good sign for a reporter if they players are willing to answer your questions...and would have done so, without the clubs intervention...