Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Previewing Primetime

I'm covering this week for the usual ESPN Thursday Primetime writer, Jeff Carlisle. My preview went up earlier today. If it seems heavy on Chivas USA - quotes, well, their players were available yesterday and the Galaxy didn't practice or have any media availability until today. I mean, it's not as if I could use my old Ruud Gullit quotes.

One regular feature for the previews is the Five Players to Watch. I wanted to include Ante Razov, since he always seems to score against the Galaxy, but his sprained knee means that he might not play at all.

I asked Preki today who from their long list of injured players was back for today's practice (he'd told me a few might be ready). Preki sighed and said, "No one." He did say that Maykel Galindo is practicing very lightly - and Alecke Eskandarian, "even more lightly."


mr. snarky said...

Don't apoloize ofr being a closet chivas USA fan.

Ben7 said...

Good news for LA that Razov probably doesn't make it and that the other guy is in Bejing...