Friday, August 15, 2008

Little things matter

I remember in 2005, when the Galaxy were struggling mightily in the regular season, how many players told me their Open Cup win turned everything around.

It gave them something to be proud of, to realize what they could accomplish together. They didn't finish the regular reason that strong, but they remembered that feeling in the playoffs and it pushed their work ethic to regain that feeling and eventually led to their second MLS title.

Now, some teams don't value the Open Cup, and obviously, no teams other than the Galaxy or Chivas USA care about the SuperClasico trophy. But it still does matter.

Pete Vagenas said last night, "Thing is, it's when you take care of the little stuff that the bigger things begin to fall into place."

A lot needs to fall into place for the Galaxy to make the playoffs, but one little thing has now been checked off the list.


Ben7 said...

My stream sadly did not cover the Pete Vagenas on MLS Thursday After Game Show Interview in which he appearently spoke out quite a few things (the fans love to hear, specially from a long term G). Can you help a little, have you seen it ?

Good Article Andrea :)

A.C. said...

No, haven't seen it. At the game, we're trying to make it down to the press conference area after games.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

a.c., there's one problem with your analysis. The Galaxy basically tied (and could very well have lost to) a Chivas USA team that was, for all intents and purposes, a reserve squad.

Even David Beckham himself said that the Galaxy deserved to lose that game.

Now, if the Galaxy had rallied against a Chivas USA team that had Suarez, Bornstein, Kljestan and Razov (let alone Guzan), that would have been a significant accomplishment. Remember, the Galaxy still hasn't defeated a team with a winning record, yet.

Lord Snarky said...

OMG!! The Galaxy are going on a roll now!! DRAWING aginst a beat up Chivas USA squad is the catalyst for Galaxy greatness!! Three 3 out 4 Super Clasicos!! Wow what a great accomplishment considering the lack of playoff gams played in that time.

Andrea, start being a smarter journalist and paint the total picture about LA's no.1 team. Or just admit that you are a Galaxy homer and they can do no wrong. At least you can really start being honest.

Love always,
Great White Snark

Jim said...


I said the same thing to my friends at the game last night. That was perhaps the Galaxy's best squad out there and still they struggled.

A.C. said...

I don't know if you talked to Beckham at a different time, Joe, but I don't have the quote about him saying the team didn't deserve to win. I'd like to see that one. What my quotes from Beckham say was that the Galaxy should have been up my multiple goals in the the first half and that he felt the team had lost points, but that they were glad to get the draw and win the SuperClasico because a draw is better than losing.

The Hammer said...


It really doesn't matter. We didn't lose to Chivas in the year, and we got a trophy out of it.

Doesn't matter who was playing for you, they're still scum to us, and we laugh at your frustration at having to watch us walk away with the trophy, and then rushing to the 'internets' to try to justify yourself and attempt to devalue to trophy.

Against any other team, it would've been a sour draw. Against the animals from across the stadium? We won the SuperClasico, you didn't beat us, and you're still going bankrupt in two years.

With love,

Your Fathers ;)

The Hammer said...

ps. If you don't like it when one of the best reporters speculates on what a moral victory like this could do for Galaxy, then I suggest you not lose the SuperClasico to us, it's that simple.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Hammer, anybody who knows me in these precincts (especially a.c. and l.b.) knows that I'm anything but a Galaxy homer. All I'm doing is making a legitimate comment on a.c.'s analysis.

Nicole said...

Good lord, Joseph - heaven forbid the Galaxy get to have a little light at the end of their tunnel and actually smile a little bit on claiming back the trophy (ask the players on both sides what it means to them). The Galaxy have been surrounded by negativity for weeks and weeks now...and then you rain down a little more.

Lighten up and enjoy life. You don't always have to find darkness.

PocketKings said...

Anyone want to place odds on how long it takes for LD to leave for Europe, and then DB try to get out of his contract?

If LD is smart, which in my opinion he isn't, he will stay away from the EPL. They'll pummel him like he's a 6th grader. He doesn't have the heart to play in that league. He better stick to a more technical league like Spain or Italy, where he won't get his ass handed to him. Or better yet, go play in Norway...

Strike that... I hope he does pick a premership team and start trash talking the wrong guy.

Oh MC HAMMER (can't touch this), the 80's called and said they wanted all of their catch phrases back (Calling people animals, scum, and the I'm your daddy jokes).

If anyone's going broke, it'll be the Galaxy... spending that much on one player and not getting any trophies out of it. Oh, and I'm sure all of your sponsors love trash talking, insert foot into mouth/pulling your weenie out to pee in the wrong places at the wrong time LD. Talk about someone that doesn't know how to behave properly or understand the idea of good sportsmanship (or as you said, "an animal...").