Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arena post coaching debut

Here's some of what Galaxy coach Bruce Arena had to say after the loss in his first game in charge.


Rudy said...

I actually agree with Brucey, they did play hard and were pretty organized, there's clearly just not enough talent on the roster. This team without Becks and Donovan would probably struggle to make the USL playoffs.

Osweet said...

Well put Rudy.
Reality is when you look at the Galaxy lineup, most players are below average average MLSers.
Last night the only 2 above average were Buddle and Klein. The rest were below average/mediocre.

Anonymous said...

american soccer at its best

Adam said...

I disagree with Rudy! We'd have no problem making the USL division 2 playoffs!!
What can I say, the FO is responsible for this mess the past 3+ years. They traded away all our young talent for all older, "more experienced" players, and it hurt the team's future. We have no young core any more, and have players that play for 2 years, then retire or are traded for draft picks. As I've stated on the Squad's boards, no coach in the world can come in and fix this mess right away. AEG has to stand pat for a while while a coach and GM rebuild the team. Look at Sigi in Columbus, it took some time, but they are playing great, and are almost sure to make the playoffs. It will take a few more seasons of suffering for the fans, but if they keep the same coach in place, with the same mentality and coaching scheme, any coach can rebuild the Galaxy to its past glory.
AEG does not understand that, nor has the patience for rebuilding. They are a commercial business company, not a sports company. That being said, AEG, PLEASE SELL THE GALAXY!!