Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sorting out the West

The headline for this could have read How the West Will be Won except for one thing: the West will be won by Houston. The rest of the conference will have to battle for the scraps that are the second and third places and playoff spots. Fourth place this year will likely get you what fourth place got you last year - crap.

I tried to figure out who that would be in my Tuesday PE column.

I wasn't high on RSL because of their road struggles and their 5 remaining road games. I talked about the Galaxy's challenges yesterday and I think Chivas USA will face a similarly tough schedule should they get into the CONCACAF Champions League proper. Colorado's a mess. FC Dallas has problems scoring and San Jose is an expansion team.

What a great conference! Someone has to finish second and third, right? Who do you think will fill those slots?


Anonymous said...

You failed to take into account the ridiculous amount of fixtures some of the Galaxy's opponents will have. Houston, NE and DC as well as Chivas will all be playing twice a week from here on out which definately benefits LA. 4 wins shold get LA into the playoffs. They have a very god chance of doing that.

yopauly said...


Did you see that a Dutch club is interested in Kljestan?


Anonymous said...

The west is the best showcase for why MLS needs a single table format. We need the eight best teams in the playoff.