Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"The Dream" plays on

I wrote a story on Jorge Flores for both and Futbol Mundial. As one can see, Flores make the cover of F.M. I used different quotes for each article, and there's one by Claudio Suarez in the F.M. article that is very prophetic. He talks about how young players can burst on the scene and make an impact because they're somewhat overlooked. He says the hard part is doing well when other people figure out a player actually worth defending against.

Flores is actually doing that, because he's had some good play recently and he hasn't lost his ability to provide a spark. However, he's not scoring like he used to, either.


Eugene said...

He's also not getting consistent playing time. Flores is clearly in a developmental stage and like most young players, one of his challenges is consistency.

I think with Rongen's help in the U-20s, Flores will continue to make strides in his game. Flores seems like one of the most favored US youth players for the 2009 U-20s WC team. No one is a 100% lock at this point, but few youth players have gotten as many call-ups as Sueno.

Anonymous said...

he's all hype... a made for tv fizzle

Anonymous said...

Lamentablemente, para quienes queremos a Chivas y sus sucursales en el mundo entero y que conocemos el fútbol porque lo jugamos a nivel profesional y nos dedicamos por ahora a difundirlo....esto es sencillamente el precio de una publicidad y en donde hay que mostrar el producto.....Ojalá y Flores pueda llegar a ser un jugadorazo, para poder pedir perdón y poder decir lo contrario, pero por ahora sencillamente el producto de una publicidad que benefició económica y publicitariamente a un equip...Chivas.