Monday, August 18, 2008

Little Bill Rankings (Aug. 18)

The top six shuffled around but stayed unchanged. And the two local teams slipped to the bottom two spots.

Why? Because they aren't any good right now.

1. Columbus (10-6-4). Could the Crew be poised for a run at the top spot in the East?
2. Chicago (9-6-6). Positives: McBride and Blanco together on the field. Negatives: Pretty much everything else.
3. New England (10-6-3). Still wondering if those highlights I saw were real.
4. DC United (9-9-1). If Zach Wells doesn't play again for United, it might not be a bad thing.
5. Houston (7-4-8). Only Western team that's pretty much a lock for the playoffs...
6. Real Salt Lake (7-7-6)... though this one is close too.
7. New York (7-6-7). A winning streak? Can that be possible?
8. FC Dallas (6-6-7). Unlucky not to get result, but this team is looking better and better with each passing game.
9. San Jose (5-9-6). Welcome to the playoff race, San Jose.
10. Toronto FC (7-8-5). Edu's gone, and so are TFC's hopes.
11. Colorado (7-10-3). Casey wills team to victory but is it too little, too late?
12. Kansas City (6-7-7). Back to losing ways for KC.
13. Chivas USA (6-8-5). Mediocrity would be...
14. Los Angeles (6-8-6)... an improvement for these sad sack sides.


just another one of you said...

Hey Luis,

Reading these rankings and your SI story I'm getting the impression that you're being a extra tough with the Goats. Equating their struggles to that of the Galaxy seems to be out of context given the injuries Chivas has suffered. Sure they didn't bring any big names in and they rely on old guys in key spots (name an MLS side that doesn't), but they did make moves in the winter that are proving significant because of the injuries.

I'm not saying Chivas doesn't arguably deserve to be near the bottom of the rankings given the squad they're currently fielding, but there's no way they are any worse than Colorado or Kansas City. Toronto with their poor luck, reckless play, and cry baby coach doesn't seem all that better either.

Perhaps being close to the team makes it extra frustrating to see them struggle like this, no?

L.B. said...

You're probably right. Chivas' results have been poor but they have had a ton of injuries. And they're not getting blown out like the Galaxy is. I think that's maybe why I'm so hard on Sacha as well, because I see how good he is but I also know he can be much better. So I tend to be a little extra critical of him. However, given that they just lost to KC recently I had a hard time putting them in front of them, and Colorado and San Jose as well, both of whom won their games on the weekend.