Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He's back

Cuauhtemoc Blanco, that is. Back with El Tri.

Back where he belongs? At least right now, yes.

Blanco was one of 12 players called into the Mexican national team ahead of next week's World Cup qualifier against Honduras. The other 11 play in Europe.

Nery Castillo was not one of them, though, because Sven said Nery might be changing clubs soon.

Here's the entire list of 25 players that Sven Goran Eriksson has called in for the match. These players will arrive in Mexico on Sunday and train for three days ahead of the game. Presumably some of these won't make the gameday roster, whenever that comes out.

Oswaldo Sánchez (Santos), Guillermo Ochoa (América), Jesús Corona (Tecos)

Ricardo Osorio (Stuttgart), Rafael Márquez (Barcelona), Aarón Galindo (Eintracht Frankfurt), Fausto Pinto (Pachuca), Jonny Magallón (Chivas), Carlos Salcido (PSV), Fracisco Javier Rodríguez (PSV), Edgar Castillo (Santos)

Giovani dos Santos (Tottenham Hotspur), Pável Pardo (Stuttgart), Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul), Andrés Guardado (Deportivo La Coruña), Fernando Arce (Santos), Leandro Augusto (Pumas), Francisco Torres (Santos), Luis Pérez (Monterrey)

Guillermo Franco (Villarreal), Omar Bravo (Deportivo La Coruña), Carlos Vela (Arsenal), Cuauhtémoc Blanco (Chicago Fire), Matías Vuoso (Santos), Carlos Ochoa (Monterrey)


starinyourfire said...

that is a pretty strong line up.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I was going to say the same thing as starinyourfire.

This team is a little more pace than the average Mexican teams of the past.

Gio Dos Santos, Castillo, Vela, Guardado, Arce, man those dudes are burners.

Should be fun to watch Blanco thread them some through-balls.

Jim said...

I guess we won't see him here in Los Angeles next week then?

Anonymous said...

Man, I was never really a huge Blanco fan. But any guy that can pass and hit a free kick like him always has a place on his Nat team. El Tri has enough speed behind him to allow him to roam around and find people or to be a threat himself. Is he the Mexican Beckham? And you have to admit, his penalty kicks just look bad-ass! Go Cuauh!

Anonymous said...

man how i abhor blanco, r. morales should have taken his place

Anonymous said...

Yes, but we love to hate him. The classic misunderstood villan Blanco is. I must say, pardon the pun, but a little chili pepper does add a bit of zip to the salad. Didn't you lads love to hate Rodman of your NBA? Of course Mr. Blanco in a dress would be a trifle much even under the neon of Piccadilly Circus!

Anonymous said...

Why abhor Cuauhtemoc Blanco? He's always pushed the envelope of football theatre. He finds a weaknees and exploits it. He gets under your skin. Yes he loses his cool from time to time, as do many other sports figures. Role model, probably not. But he finds a way to make others better and to win.

You do love to hate him. I don't particularly like him myself either, but I've got to respect his accomplishments, his level of skill and even showmanship. I bet the MLS All-Stars do too, especially since some played against him on the US team. He's kind of the perfect foil to Beckham also. Sells alot of tickets I hear. I think any team in MLS would love to have him, except maybe DC. But then again, I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

Ramoncito should have gone to Chivas USA. I am surprised he was resigned by big Chivas. We never got anyone back for Paco, Loquito, ect. I could ask my brother...

xoxoxo Bofo's Sister