Friday, August 15, 2008

Bragging rights

So, did I call the teams that would advance to the Olympic semis, or did I call them?

Let me check - yep, I called them.


ghostwriter said...

Bow down, bow down, salaam, salaam we are not worhty!

Want to try for the Semi's?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Aly Wagner playing?

Anonymous said...

prediction-USA should beat Japan if they dont beat themselves; Germany/Brazil is a toss-up and could go all the way to penalties (I will take Brazil)-which sets up a USA/Brazil final in which a less beat-up USA team gets revenge, without Wambach....

ghostwriter said...

Hey, AC, what's with Lindsey Dolich?

She rates A-Rod in her articles like she's the President of the Randy Newman fan club (or maybe the Abby Wambaugh fan club, to put a different spin on it).

I mean all the girl's done is have some hand in both goals today, two of them v. NZ, and (arguably anyway) Carli's v, Japan. Yet Dolich rates her today (of all games) below everybody on the team (except Carli, who admittedly didn't have a wonderful game). I don't get it. Am I A-Rodding thru too rose colored a lens?

BTW, no predictions from me, but it would be most excellant to see them make the final. Japan will be tough though. Two toss ups, as far as I can see.

Joan said...

ghostwriter, I feel like the regular presence of Dolich is indicative of how seriously ESPN takes women's soccer. It's nothing personal, I'm just surprised that "the worldwide leader in sports" has chosen that particular writer to cover the sport.

Anonymous said...

You got them, but didn't really go out on much of a limb!

I thought Dolich was way off today in most of her gradings. Box was POM, AROD better than the 4 she got. Chalupny was awesome and only rated a 6.

A.C. said...

I'm making semifinal picks later, look for my article on the site, or just come here again and I'll have the link up.

yeah, I guess it wasn't such a stretch to predict the teams to make the semis, but I thought calling Japan through was a decent prophecy.

Anyway, rating players is hard. I have stuff that I look for in particular, and others notice other stuff. It's very subjective.

Beax Speax said...


When was the last time you got any sleep?

Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

You might want to reread your own column, Andrea.

"Brazil should advance" sounds much more like a 'prediction' than "Japan could pull off the upset." See the difference?

If you want credit as a predictor, predict!

China-Japan? Winner: Japan

Your article is chock full of hedge words, sorry.

We still love you though!

A.C. said...

I know what my column says. Obviously, Brazil beating Norway wouldn't be a big surprise, which is why my pick for Japan to win is called an upset.
And because I like to be accurate, I avoid writing, "Germany will win."
I may predict, but I don't control reality.
That's why I nearly always put, "I think" or, "they should" or "They are capable of a shocker".

Anonymous said...

all words to help you soften your predictions... if you gonna call it, call it. pretty hard to be "accurate" when you are "predicting," right?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I see Japan over China as an upset.

A.C. said...

Considering China was playing at home, a lot of people figured they would go through.
I frankly don't like bullet style articles that break things down into fragments like
"Brazil v Norway = Brazil"
I prefer to maintain a conversational prose tone in my articles, like I'm explaining to someone why I think something. The bottom line is, if China had won, there's no way I would have said my prediction was accurate, because I'd clearly tipped Japan for the upset. I'm surprised anyone thinks that was unclear.

ghostwriter said...

There's a clear distinction to be made between a prediction (I like their chances) and a guarantee (they will win). I think you get full marks for the prediction, AC, but then again, I'm easy to please on that issue.

I thought the Brazil/Germany PK shootout prediction was interesting, particularly with Brazil the eventual winner.

If it goes to a shootout, I'd go the other way, with the Germans. Brazil's strength is on the ball creativity, speed, and daring. None of that helps you from the penalty spot. The women from Brazil can get a little tight standing still, sort of like Sundance who was clearly better when he moved. The German's have been there, done that and, I think, are more adept in that circumstance. Also I think you'd have to give the nod to Angerer over either Barbara or Andreia.

I think the other game will be primarilly interesting to see if the US are patient with the ball and build up some attacks like they did v. Canada and if the Japanese have figured out what to do about that over the top A-Rod speed. Both teams have some questions, it'll be interesting to see if the direct ball under pressure reappears for the US and which Japanese side shows up, the one who've now scored 7 unanswered goals or the one that couldn't find hardly any dangerous penetration v. the US just a realative few days ago.

I'll be interested, eventually AC, to see what you make of all this.