Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not holding back

John Carver didn't hold back much after Toronto lost to Chivas 2-1 on Saturday.

He said he was "absolutely furious" with his defense and also was disgusted with the league and its scheduling. In fact, he even said Toronto FC asked the league to postpone next Saturday's match against Chivas due to extreme hardship.

Here's audio of the interview.

Quickly, TFC has these guys absent on international duty: Greg Sutton, Tyrone Marshall, Jarrod Smith, Jim Brennan, Amado Guevara, Carlos Ruiz, Marvell Wynne, Carl Robinson and two others I'm missing.

Listen to the audio to see how he thinks he may have to fill the void.


papa bear said...

I think Carver is a loudmouth douche and stirs shit up for the sake of stirring it up and I frankly love the thought of TFC returning to the bottom of the table, but he is right about the upcoming game.

I don't see how the league can NOT postpone that match. They are missing what, 10 guys total? That leaves them with 8. That's simply absurd. MLS NEEEDS to do everything they can to avoid the international calendar. I know it can be done they just can't be bothered with it.

Nicole said...

Wow, Carver finally has a legit gripe.

I hope this situation forces the league to finally respect FIFA dates. Something has to change.

East River said...

Don Garber has addressed this issue at with his latest post on the Commissioner's Blog. But it was related to Beckham, Donovan, and Blanco missing the last Galaxy v. Fire match on ESPN Thursday night a weeks ago. He said that MLS would have to expand the schedule into December or early March to adjust to the FIFA dates and that weather would be an issue as it would effect attendance. I think this is some BS as college soccer is played well into December and NFL is playing in cold weather cities in January and there are no attendance issues with those two American sports. Then Garber mentioned that maybe an MLS committee would decide to pull MLS out of one competition, I'm thinking he talking about US Open Cup which would be a cowardly act and a cheap quick fix solution.

East River said...

One should also listen to Garber's State of the League address during the All-Star Break where again he address similar concerns. Its just sad as MLS brass seem determine to defend this policy. But things appear to be soften a bit as Garber did say in his last blog post that the Confederations Cup and the Gold Cup will have to be address. I don't believe Confederations Cup is a big issue as only a few MLS players are likely to be called up. But the Gold Cup is self serving as MLS's SUM promotes that event.

Of course this does not help Toronto's situation next week but it is a bit unreal to know that MLS will not cut TFC a break. I actually thought Carver was pretty calm about that siuation considering he will be losing half his team. TFC fans should maybe stage a protest and refuse to attend the start like Section 8 did a few years ago or embarrass the leage like they did during the All-Star game or just do a flat out fan strike during the next nation wide telecast to send the league a message about it policies.

EastlaChiva said...

I was iin section 101 with the Ultras and we could all see him just going off on his players as they walked towards the lockers.

Tough loss, no doubt, but bitchin out your players in front of evrone was kid of........asinine.

Anonymous said...

why should TFS get any special treatment, every MLS team has had to deal with players missing due to national team call ups. You are the coach, you are the person who selects who will play for your team. Come on now Jarrod smith is a nobody, HE knew Ruiz was going to be missing when he got him last week. Julius james plays in MLS, how can Carl robinson play for wales he is shiite, Jim brennan only plays for Canada because ITS CANADA. Aside from Guevara, sutton and wynne all of those players are useless no team would want to trade for them. La was missing becks, donovan, they mean more to that team then all those TFDs players. FACE IT TFC is worst then last year, they have terrible coaching and player problems