Monday, August 25, 2008

Luca Brasi Rankings (Aug. 25)

It isn't quite time yet to sink any teams but there are several clubs who look like the should be sleeping with the fishes. There seems to be a big dropoff between six and seven this week. I'd take any team from the top six over any team from the bottom eight - with the possible exception of the slowly climbing number eight club - in a home-and-away series or a one-off match.

1. Columbus (11-6-4). The Crew might be starting to really come together as a team, which is a scary thought for rest of the league.
2. Chicago (10-6-5). Blanco and McBride have yet to start a game together, but that should change Sunday at Houston.
3. New England (11-6-4). Four points in two games is quick turnaround from previous skid.
4. DC United (10-10-1). Two shutouts in three games for Louis Crayton? Should have made the move sooner.
5. Houston (8-5-8). Chinks in the armor? Houston gets slapped hard by New York...
6. New York (8-6-7)... who despite the win still find themselves one spot under the Dynamo. Sorry, can't discount Houston's midweek 4-0 win.
7. FC Dallas (6-7-8). Payback's a bitch as KC pulls out late draw.
8. San Jose (5-9-7). Road draw moves 'Quakes to within striking distance of playoff spot.
9. Real Salt Lake (7-8-6). Gonna have to do better than 1-8-1 road mark, worst in the league.
10. Toronto (7-8-6). Banking on aging Carlos Ruiz to get back into playoff chase; quite a risky proposition.
11. Kansas City (6-7-8). Back to old KC as only offense comes from a defender.
12. Chivas USA (6-9-6). Need more minutes from Razov, Eskandarian, et al for Red-and-White to have a chance.
13. Colorado (7-11-3). So much for getting off to good start under new coach.
14. Los Angeles (6-9-6). Bruce Arena learns tough lesson in first game: no Landon, no Becks, no offense, no hope.


Dan Haug said...

I'm not sure what your criteria are for these rankings, but I think you may be seriously underestimating the Galaxy (of course I'm a fan, so...).

I've watched every match this season, and I thought (with a couple exceptions) they were fundamentally solid in their game against the Fire. If they can lust slightly improve that level of discipline, and through in LD, Becks, and Eddie Lewis, I would think they can compete with any team in the west.

Dan Haug said...

I obviously can't type :p

Anonymous said...




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