Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Champs League highlights

Maybe there's something strange that happens somewhere over the southern border. Maybe when MLS teams head into Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, they lose all sense of themselves.

Maybe that's why both Chivas USA and New England looked like garbage on Tuesday.

And yes, I'm fully aware that DC and Houston won home-and-away series just this year against non-Mexican CONCACAF teams and all that. The tally, though, for MLS teams against CONCACAF competition on their turf is tilted way against the MLS teams' favor. Anyway, here are highlights of the games.

Joe Public-New England

Tauro-Chivas USA

And here's another result of interest - Cruz Azul destroyed Hankook Verdes 6-0 in Mexico City.


Anonymous said...

The level of play looked like bad Adult rec league. In fact they would have gotten smoked in my Adult league, USL 10, PDL or whatever.

I can't believe they are professionals and get paid for displays like last night's.

I'm sure they weren't excited to play in those facilities but they have a responsibility to their club, league and to some degreee their country.

Is it just me or did Preki seem confused.


Jason said...

Despite my completely biased hatred of Chivas USA they sort of have an excuse. It's not like they've been lighting it up in league play or anything, considering the long list of injuries and what not. That field also looked like a Gopher Mining Facility, but whatever.

I don't think we're going to see any sustained success in these international competitions until we see an extended roster list for the teams and higher salary cap... I know, I'm beating a dead horse in the face with a baseball bat, but it's the truth of it.

And yeah, the level of play gave me hope to one day play in MLS, and thats REALLY bad news for MLS. What really sucks is some of these CCL teams have played some downright brilliant football this year in league but absolutely choked last night.

Anonymous said...

Chivas USA looked like garbage because they ARE garbage How long until that team rebrands and turns into a real team

Anonymous said...

Let's see how the USL sides do tonight. If they play better maybe the USA has the wrong first division!

Rudy said...

I think that neither MLS side was really trying to win. New England probably wants to focus on getting to MLS Cup while Chivas probably wants to focus on making the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

The argument for MLS sides has always been that if the CONCACAF Champions' Cup wasn't during the MLS preseason, then MLS teams would fare better. Now the CONCACAF Champions' League is during the MLS mid-season and they've actually managed to perform worse.

Gabriel in Argentina said...

While it is only one game, i find it hard to believe that anyone can say that the MLS is as strong a league as the Mexican league. It is not. Their are many reasons for that being the case. However, the results to me prove the case that we do not have a strong league nor is it as good as the Mexican league. That is ok. We will at some point but we are not there yet.