Friday, August 15, 2008

Preki on the Clasico

Preki talks about the game. He was about as upbeat as you can be after that effort, but it was obviously tempered by the late Galaxy goal as well as Sean Franklin's costly elbow that may have knocked Jesse Marsch out for quite some time.

After the presser, Preki was met in the tunnel by a former LA Laker.

I beat Preki to the tunnel in an attempt to get to the Chivas USA locker room before it cleared out when I noticed quite a tall fellow. I thought to myself, 'Man, that is quite a tall fellow' ... or something.

Anyway, I did a second take and realized it was Vlade Divac. Vlade shook Preki's hand and the two started conversing in their native tongue, so I have no idea what they were saying. I think Vlade may have gone into the coaches offices for some time but by that point I was interviewing players and the like.


Anonymous said...

vlade was such a flopper but i loved him with the lakers.

A.C. said...

Oh, yeah, nearly forgot to mention, he's not a former Laker, but Tony Parker was sporting a Galaxy jersey at the game, waiting for Becks outside the presser. I didn't see her, but Eva Longoria must be tiny. Tony towers over her, so I thought he must be so incredibly tall. He's not. He's tall, but not freakishly so or anything.

soy said...

id love to see vlade at goal.