Monday, August 11, 2008

Lhasa Bound Rankings (Aug. 11)

We're almost due for another round of my awards updates. I ran one after most teams had played 10 games, back in June. We've got most teams now within one or two games of their 20th games, so that should come up soon enough.

For now, here's where the teams stand as I see them.

1. Chicago (9-5-5). Long climb back to the top punctuated by come-from-behind win over...
2. New England (10-5-3)... this team, who for some reason can't beat the Fire.
3. Columbus (9-6-4). Crew face three stiff Western tests: FC Dallas home and away, RSL at home.
4. Real Salt Lake (7-6-6). West seems like a three-team race, and RSL's part of that trio.
5. DC United (8-9-1). So much for building some momentum after first shutout of year.
6. Houston (6-4-8). Houston was due for a title-game loss to New England.
7. FC Dallas (6-6-7). Introducing Kenny Cooper, your 2008 Most Valuable Player.
8. Toronto FC (7-7-5). What's more surprising - that Toronto won a road game or that Chad Barrett scored a goal?
9. Kansas City (6-6-7). What's this? Signs of offensive life?
10. New York (6-6-7). After you play Barcelona, the rest of the league seems like amatuers.
11. San Jose (4-9-6). Best team in California right now.
12. LA Galaxy (6-8-5). Not looking forward to this upcoming Clasico...
13. Chivas USA (6-8-4)... at all. Wake me when it's over.
14. Colorado (6-10-3). Fernando Clavijo should pen a book called "Enduring Failure: How to Keep Your Job Despite Consistently Terrible Output."


starinyourfire said...

overall i agree with you on the standings but the classico will help one of the two teams in the long run and i hope it's the Galaxy.

i'm curious of san jose, i think they'll pose a threat to one of the LA teams.

RHYbread said...

Is it the right time to start taking bets on how long it'll take before the Galaxy go through what seems to be our yearly implosion?

Anonymous said...

Naw, c'mon guys. With Gibbs and the new African kid the Gals are going to turn it around. If they can lose Ruiz, you'll see that Becks-Landon chemistry again explode for mega goals. How could they play worse than they already have? Don't answer that.

xoxoxo Bofo's Sister