Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nervous energy

I'm not sure Preki is particularly nervous, actually. I think he's just fidgety. What doesn't show up in the photos is that Preki was also kicking the tablecloth a little throughout the whole press conference. It kept shaking like bunnies were trapped behind the black cloth.

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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Here's why Preki is shaking...

Dawn peers over the horizon, as gabachos and mojados prepare to do battle once again. For glory! For honor! For one mill...oops, wrong script. For victory! For Honda sales! For no good reason other than the schedule demands it!

This titanic clash of the titans is too big even for Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and General Santa Anna. This calls for the iconiest of Westerb icons.

Look, over there on that ridge! It's John Wayne leading the Riot Squad, the Galaxians and the Angel City Brigade! And look yonder at the other ridge! It's Antonio Aguilar leading La Legion 1908, La Union Ultras and those trecherous San Patricios!

Two leaders. One fight.

Coming to a DVD near you is that direct-to-disc Western classic, Rio Puto. Co-starring Ward Bond as David Beckham, Patrick Wayne as Landon Donovan, Denzel Washington as Cobi Jones, Joe Pesci as Preki and Hugo Stiglitz as Claudio Suarez.

With cameo appearances by Peter O'Toole as Grahame Jones, Penelope Cruz as Andrea Canales, Abel Xavier as Ruud Gullit, Porfirio Diaz as Antonio Cue, Victoriano Huerta as Jorge Vergara, Bullwinkle as Alexi Lalas, Joseph Mengele as Tim Leiweke and Lionel Barrymore as Phil "Old Man Potter" Anschutz.

Rio Puto. Where men are men, and the cattle are petrified
Rio Puto. Come for the soccer. Stay for the blood.