Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mexico struggles

Good news for Mexico: they got the three points. Bad news: they were trailing in the 70th minute.

The match could have different early on, though. Mexico had several chances to score early on but couldn't find the back of the net. Had one of those chances gone in, perhaps the game could have been different. As it stood, though, Mexico trailed Honduras for some 40 minutes in a qualifier at home.

Perhaps it was the newness of it all: Sven-Goran Eriksson's first game in charge, the first game for the players in a new system, the first game for at Leandro Augusto.

Mexico won and ultimately that's what matters most. But is this struggle indicative of anything greater than an inability to finish first-half chances? Or does Mexico need not worry too much about qualifying?


Phillip Quinn said...

I still think the second goal should not have counted.

Anonymous said...

Phillip Quinn said...

I still think the second goal should not have counted.

It was a legitimate goal if you look at the replays.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the Mexico haters that predicted their demise to Honduras???

@phillip quinn, the goal was clearly on-side. The foul from which the free kick originated from was questionable but at that point the game got very physical and the referee was trying to control it. It was a brilliantly struck ball.

I thought both teams were awesome. I was really impressed with Sven's tactical moves for neving having coached a single game with Mexico.
As predicted Mexico has a lot of new-found speed but still lacks finishing. Something tells me Guille Franco is not the answer (see 90th minute) and there will be another Borgetti or Denigris sighting at some point.

David Suazo could be the best and fastest player in Concacaf. I don't see how Canada could beat Honduras. Jamaica could be tough for both Mexico and Honduras. Lots of tough games left.


CapeCodFutbol said...

I tuned in about the 50th minute and they didn't have the score on the graphic, just the two teams' names and the time. I could tell from the announcers that something was wrong, and eventually determined that MEX was down 1-0 (when the announcers were talking about the results of the AT&T player of the game poll -- taken before the game was tied two Mexican players had like 66% of the vote). Strangely enough, when Pardo nearly broke the back of the net the score reappeared.

Very entertaining game, though I wonder if El Tri should be concerned that Cuau's introduction really helped turn the game around... (Oh and Suazo is quite a player, but boy he complains at his teammates a lot).

CACuzcatlan said...

Any word on Nery Castillo? I heard Sven didn't call him because he might change clubs, but the transfer window is going to close soon and there has been no rumors about him.

Anonymous said...

Rumors are just rumors but Nery is mulling a loan to Roma or Real Betis.

If he stays with City, he has to mesh with the new coach. Not sure about that. Shaktar doesn't want him anymore and it's mutual.


Osweet said...

Augusto out, Blanco in: Mexico promptly scores twice and goes from losing to winning.

Chris said...

I don't know how LB or Andrea, not sure who posted this note, can say that Mexico struggled.

Honduras had TWO shots on goal the whole game and scored on one while Mexico being their usual selves created up to six chances in the first half alone, two went off the post and the Honduran goalie got a piece of the rest.

Mexico looked calm, even when Honduras went ahead but in the second half they got desperate and thank god for Pavel Pardo, that guy is clutch.

Overall it was a tough game for both teams and props to Honduras, they had a gameplan and almost executed it perfectly but bunker ball is not their style, that's the US's trademark.

If Honduras can improve their defense and GK situation I think they can make it to the WC and do some damage. From the midfield up they're a more talented team than the US but the US is one of the most tactically disciplined teams in the world and they always make their chances count, which is why they're such a good team.

Love how all the central americans were rooting against the US and Mexico and they both won.


Anonymous said...

Anyone care to offer an opinion about how Sven's Spanish sounds?