Friday, August 22, 2008

What a difference a few months makes.

Back around ten months ago, Hope Solo was at probably at her lowest point.
And now


ghostwriter said...

At least for me the Foudy bit is not playing. But I suspect I remember it.

A.C. said...

yeah, the espn video file is messed up, which I'm sad about, because it was a good illustration of who was attacking Solo then and what they were saying about her.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

And now a message to Abby Wambach, Cat Whitehill and Julie Foudy (who live in SoCal and should send this message to Briana Scurry and Kristine Lilly):

When are you witches going to apologize for your public humiliation of an emotionally vulnerable person?

Abby, when are you specifically going to apologize for your bullying and arrogance that's really underneath your "committment" to "team"?

Do any of you have the courage to confront what you did? Or are you just soccer versions of the Wives of OC?

Finally, to those of you who thought I was wrong about the whole Solo situation...


Toddzilla said...

Thanks for posting this, AC.

It sure seems that through all of the difficult times, Hope is a better person now. After all, she said that for the first time in her life she's genuinely happy (that's a pretty damn big statement) and that she learned a lot about herself over the past year. Not a surprise, though, because of the whole "life lessons that you can only get through adversity" thing. The whole saga was insane, but I just heard someone who is stronger because of it.

Dan Haug said...

I don't know... I think Solo is not the victim here. She showed no class and was extremely self-centered. It still seems that she thinks winning this game vindicates her, which it doesn't. She may be the better keeper, but if I were her teamate, I would never trust her again.

Arelcao Akleos said...

I would trust Hope Solo as a keeper, and as a person, on any team I played on. She is honest, courageous, and has a passion for the game and for victory. That is exactly what makes her someone I could, any team could, trust.
There were many people in the Ryan era that proved themselves dishonest and arrogant, put their own aggrandizement over the team's chances for victory, and revealed themselves as utterly spiteful. Hope Solo was not one of them.

Coach said...

WOW - go away for 16 hours & look at the fun I've missed!

I'm not going back there again other than to say again that the weight of the world is off her shoulders & that smile is back - she has learned from it all - Hope is one strong lady to get through it all.

Allan said...

Hope is still a spoiled brat who is also not respectful of her predecessors. She is the best goalkeeper and now an Olympic gold medalist but her predecessors also won gold and world cups. What her predecessors accomplished for women's soccer is FAR MORE than what Hope Solo has contributed.

Anonymous said...

with apologies to Sharon Stone,

where are Abby, Briana, Ryan and Kristine now?

results say that the US is better off without them

is there anyone who NOW doesn't believe that Ryan's 'switch' was a poor idea?

Anonymous said...


Adversity does not build character. If it did everybody under stress would show lots of character and that just isn't true. Adversity reveals character.
What happened to Hope would have crushed most people. Solo has come back to show what she is made of and the USMNT sorority previously showed me what they were made of.


All I heard Solo talk about was the great defensive effort of the team. And she said she was happy. But I guess you wouldn't be happy if your team won a Gold medal. Don't worry, you won't ever have her as a teammate.