Sunday, August 24, 2008

LA Soccer beat

Luis wasn't at the game last night, exploring other possible career options instead. So that meant I had a Chivas USA assignment to cover the game.

Here's my match article. And reaction piece.


Anonymous said...

"exploring other possible career options instead"


Anonymous said...

As a Quakes fan, pretty simple to see that Chivas played better once Corrales was out come you did not mention this?

I have been quite impressed with the changes the Quakes have made, but also believe that they are one injury away from competing for a playoff spot...I hope this is not the injury.

On the Chivas side, Sasha is looking quite good, Razov's left foot let him down a few times, and the backline held their form very well.

Entertaining for 0-0...way more entertaining than other Quakes matches that ended 0-0 earlier in the season.

Good luck in the Champions League!

Anonymous said...

i left journalism seven years ago and moved into a career in communications/publishing... i wish you guys the best. the entire industry is in shambles, i can only hope luis finds something meaningful. stay strong.

saludos, d

A.C. said...

Corrales went down so early that it was difficult to really establish how well either team was playing at that point, plus the gamer I was assigned was supposed to focus on Chivas as a team. Danny Bueno did the Earthquakes centered article.

As far as Luis goes, any journalist with a clear grasp of the realities of the media world today is looking into other job options. It's not as if we have a choice.

The DJ said...

Luis is Bouncing at the Club? Dang that's risky what with all the HOT chicks around!